Country house in Kiev: how much and where to sell

10.09.2010 07:36
Real Estate Market Analysis | Country house in Kiev: how much and where to sell At the beginning of autumn there are more than 3,600 ads with the proposals for the sale of country houses in the Kiev region.

Prices for cottages vary depending on the quality of construction, area of the house and area: it is easier to buy a house for $ 50-200 million worth of free ads in the data portal "Slando".

The minimum selling price of a country house in August and early September was $ 3000 per house, which is located in Novomirgorodskom direction about 190 km from Kiev, an area of 50 square meters, close to nature, river and field.

The maximum price in August and early September up to $ 10 million for the mansion, with an area of 800 square meters, located in the exclusive suburb of Kiev (25 km) and constructed on the individual author's design.

The percentage for vacation homes in the Odessa area accounted for 23% of all advertisements for the sale of country houses, at the Boryspil district - about 14%, 2% more than in July, and country houses in the side of Zhytomyr highway - 10%. Vyshgorodsky, Obukhov, Brovarsky, Warsaw, Kiev Svyatoshinsky, Kharkov and other regions occupied by 2% - 8% of all proposals.

The most popular is the Odessa area. There are more than 23% of all sales offer town houses, villas and cottages. Their average cost - about $ 187,500 for the house. Zhytomyr direction and Boryspil district is also popular - about 10% and 14% of sentences, respectively. But the average price of homes in these areas ranges from $ 220 thousand for the house.

Another 7% -8% of proposals suburban property accounted for Kiev and Vyshgorodsky areas at an average cost more than $ 244 thousand and $ 199 thousand for the house, respectively. It is easiest to buy a vacation home for $ 961 square meters. m

According to the portal Slando, currently the bulk of the proposals concentrated in the price range of $ 50 thousand to $ 100 thousand for the object. This is mainly country houses with utilities and an area of 60 square meters. m, located at a distance of more than 60-70 km from Kiev. Slightly less common are the deals worth $ 100 thousand to $ 200 million (21.93%). In the third place in popularity town houses cost from $ 200 thousand to $ 350 million (17.95%).

Most areas of the proposed sale of holiday homes are Odessa, Zhytomyr direction and Boryspil district. Obukhov and Kiev Svyatoshinsky areas remain the most expensive on the market selling suburban real estate. Country house easier to get a price range from $ 50 thousand to $ 100 thousand (23% of all ads).
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