Cottage Towns of Kyiv region: new projects for the «crisis» prices

11.11.2010 12:51
Cottage Towns of Kyiv region: new projects for the «crisis» prices As of November 10, 2010 according to the company "RealEkspo and suburban real estate portal based in the Kiev region, there are 264 cottage town: 90 projected, 90 under construction, 84 built, 17 small towns more than in the beginning of the year .
There was a project: it's small towns and suburban cooperatives offering plots of land as a contract, and without a contract.
In 74 towns, construction of a "frozen", which is 11 towns smaller than at the beginning of the year.
Director of RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko said:" Reducing the number of frozen objects suggests the revival of suburban real estate market and the gradual exit from the crisis in the Kiev region. "
The predominant type of property are cottages (206 campus and the average cost of 1 square meter, compared with 2 quarter nearly unchanged at 1,213 dollars), followed by terraced houses (42 of the town, with an average cost of 1 sq ft -1,274 dollars) for third place villas (11 towns) with the value "square" in 2557 dollars. The last place in the duplexes (5 towns) with the cost of 1075 USD / sq.m.
If you compare the cost of the average cost by type of real estate starting in 2010, then all types of value "square" snizilast from 2 to 20%.
The minimum cost of 1 sq.m -387 dollars.
The maximum cost of 1 sq.m -4000 dollars.
Average cost of 1 square meter as of November 10, 2010 in the Kiev region of 1,289 dollars. Compared with the beginning of the year (1460 dollars / sq ft) cost of 1 sq. km. m decreased by 11.72%.
Inspect and acquire the cottage villages in the Kiev region, you can here.
Victor Kovalenko
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