Cottage towns of Donetsk Region

17.09.2010 14:40
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage towns of Donetsk Region Tired of the bustle of the city, many residents of Donbass seek to acquire housing in the suburbs, but not everyone can afford it.

In the Donbas unfolds cottage construction - spontaneous and organized into "villages". If desired, you can order the construction of houses on any sketch, and using the most advanced technologies. However, the description is so far only those who have incomes above average.

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To choose

For a long time in Donbass cottages were of two types - typical "Soviet" houses on plots, cottages and steep mansions, many of which are more like castles in miniature, and were not completed. In the 90 years of the last century, the townsfolk gossip that the construction of such properties occupied more time than the full risk of her life was tough master, or at least longer than the period of its solvency. Many of these homes and still gaping holes of empty boxes ...

The situation changed at the beginning of the century, when developers have undertaken to erect than individual projects and entire cottage towns, selling square footage at a stage of drawing at home.

According to the director of "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, "at soctoyaniyu on September 1 in the base portal suburban real estate There are 15 cottage townships: 3 town in Yasinovatskiy area, 6 - in Donetsk, and one each in Volnovakha, Maryinskiy area and in Makeyevka, Mariupol and 2 in Sviatogorsk.
Of the 15 towns of seven towns built, 5 under construction and 3 are projected.
If we consider the types of real estate in cities, in 12 sites dominated by houses, and in 3 - townhouses.
As for the cost of 1 sq.m, in the cottage the Donetsk region the average cost of a "square" is 926 dollars.
The minimum cost of 1 square meter in the cottage "Zlatograd (Sviatohirsk) is equal to 490 dollars, while the maximum is $ 1500 in the village," Lyubimov "(Donetsk).
According to Victor Kovalenko, the average cost of a "square" in townhouses Donetsk region at 203 dollars (18.57%) than in the cottages and it is 1,098 dollars. The minimum value recorded in the cottage Riverside (895 U.S. $ / sq ft ) and the maximum - in the cottage "Breeze" (1200 U.S. $ / sq ft). "
Developers and builders have used the situation to the suburban real estate market and in spite of this, in the first half of 2010 brought to market two new projects: "Chity key" and "Clear Lake".
If we talk about the area of households in the cottage, it starts from 54 sq m townhouse "Breeze" (Mariupol) and reaches maximum - 490 sq ft homes cottage "Golden Sands".

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main pleasures room summer home is not only fresh air and beautiful views, but complete independence from ZhEKov and generally Housing Soviet model. Disadvantages same - inadequate infrastructure. City dwellers, accustomed to that shop, hairdresser and dry cleaner are just steps away from home in suburban real estate is felt in this regard to be less comfortable.

Advanced cottage villages in the Donbass, however, consist not only of residential areas, they are planned and laundry, pharmacy, tennis courts, cafe.

However, the cottages are now buying the non-poor people, the vast majority of whom have cars and can at any time to jerk in town, The local restaurants, clubs and other establishments.

By the way, according to various estimates, from 30 to 50% of home buyers in the Donets Basin would prefer instead of an apartment to buy a house outside the city, provided convenient transport interchanges, infrastructure services and the availability of the necessary comfort in the house.


Vadim fidget, general director of Ukrainian Trade Guild:
- The main consumers of cottage construction - these are people with high incomes. High - this is no less than 10 thousand dollars per family. Solid financial position dictated by the high social status. Mostly it's family with enough older children - respectively - the main consumers are people aged 35 to 50 years.

But despite the high prices of houses - in the future, this market is rapidly grow and become accessible to a wider and, therefore, somewhat poor. In the future, will be involved in the broader community, and if specifically, the middle class. By reducing the land, reducing floor space and relocation of cottage villages in the less expensive cost of the project area will be reduced. Consequently, after a certain time period cottage villages have become a mass phenomenon.

Andrew verbally, a member of the Governing Council's developer cottage "Horoshovo:
- Today in vogue a healthy lifestyle, and it involves not only healthy eating and exercise, but life in a clean place. Therefore, those who care about themselves and their children (and our potential customers, usually family people) are thinking about buying a home in a suburban area. By the way, the current unbearably hot summer has added to us customers ... future inhabitants "Horoshovo" - people aged 39 to 55 years old, standing firmly on his feet in the material sense (basically having your business or accumulated, figuratively speaking, a "reserve of financial strength ").
I note that our project - the biggest of those that will be implemented in the vicinity of Donetsk, and most importantly - so far the only real (the rest only declare the intention). In developing the concept of town, we invite experienced Moscow experts as well as the construction of a cottage settlement - the kind of business, requiring careful planning and delicate precision. Down to detail the concept of the town (which will all, in what may be a need for a wealthy man, starting from kindergarten and housing department and ending with a football field and a restaurant) ensures that our project will be profitable.
Victor Kovalenko
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