Cottage Towns of Crimea-2010

20.11.2010 00:02
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage Towns of Crimea-2010 As of November 10, 2010 according to the company "RealEkspo and suburban real estate portal based in the Crimea has 87 cottage townships: 15 projects, 36 construction, 36 built.
By the number of towns of Crimea occupies second place after the Kiev region.
In 16 towns the construction halted.
Compared with the beginning of the year the total number of campuses has not changed, but the number of frozen objects increased from 6 to 16. Many towns have moved from being built in the build.

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The predominant type of property are cottages (49 towns), followed by townhouses (21 town), followed by houses (11 towns), duplex (2 campus). Elling (4 campus) as a form of real estate are found only in the Crimea.
The minimum cost of 1 sq.m -350 dollars against 850 in January.
The maximum value of 1 m -10 000 as against $ 19,500 dollars in January.
Average cost of 1 square meter in the cottage of Crimea on November 10, 2010 amounts to 1,840 dollars. Compared with the beginning of the year the cost of 1 sq. km. m decreased by 26.14%.

In comparison with the 2 quarter of 2010, in all types of real estate of Crimea slightly increased value of the "square".

As of November 10, 2010 the most expensive "square" in the villas (3005 dollars), and the cheapest - in the shed (1082 dollars)
Read and buy property in cottage settlements of the Crimea you can here.
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