Cottage Towns of Crimea - high dynamics of development

02.04.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage Towns of Crimea - high dynamics of development Although Crimea can not be attributed to the most developed regions of Ukraine, its resort attraction causes rapid growth of the real estate market in recent years. Sunny Peninsula has the second largest cottage construction in Ukraine after the Kiev region.

Cottage construction in the development

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Even in the 90 years of the last century in the Crimea began to appear spontaneous areas of private buildings, which the sale is sometimes called the cottage settlements. Homeowners in these combined, as a rule, to organize the overall safety or technical questions of exploitation. According to the head of the company "Market-Crimea" Andrew Zapevalova over the past 5 years on the peninsula in operation or have begun to build a number of cottage townships unified concept, already more responsive to European and Russian requirements to this kind of suburban real estate. "The demand increasingly shifts from the individual cottages and arrays of chaotic development to the villages, implemented on a single architectural concept of construction, which provides for the mandatory presence of the full range of communications services, health, recreation and green space", - Andrey Zapevalov. According to the company "Market-Crimea", on the peninsula, there are now 19 existing and 14 housing developments that are declared to be completed in 2008-2010. Given some data from public sources, these numbers may turn out to be higher. Most such objects are placed on the beach with its own beach. Today is also a popular construction of towns in the mountains or foothills, with their almost wilderness. They appear in the suburbs of Sevastopol and Simferopol. Centre building in the Crimea was originally, and remains South Coast. Projects are implemented in the areas of Yalta, Gurzuf Partenit, as well as in Simeize, Maly Mayak, Massandra. Among the finished sites - villages "Livadia", "Wisteria" (Oreanda), "Laguna", "Gurzufsky Park" (Gurzuf), "Spanish Village" (Alupka). In 2009, the share of the South Coast will be somewhat lower - there will be only 17 of the 29 completed projects. Housing estates are being built today in the north-west coast, from Sevastopol to Evpatoria (complexes "Southern Symphony" in Evpatoria, Gold Coast - Sevastopol "and" Acropolis "in Sevastopol," Sandy "in the same village and others), as well as Crimean capital (townhouses "Grass"). As Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing SV Development, if in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk now being implemented, and very large towns, in the Crimea because of a severe shortage of sites near the sea, they usually make up to 10 or a few dozen households. The infrastructure in small towns are not too extensive, and typically includes security guards, grounds maintenance and garbage collection, sometimes a store or service (eg food delivery), as well as sports and recreational elements, and recreation areas. At the same time, in an increasingly competitive segment, the level of infrastructure construction in the settlements is playing an increasing role.

According to the company "Market-Crimea", the supply of cottage villages in the region of the Crimean peninsula from national, local and Russian operators. According to the number of proposals leading ISK Crimean Bridge "(4 cottage settlement in the area Gurzuf). Three sites on the South Coast said the company "UkrRosstroy (a subsidiary of SK" Console ") and on two sites - development company TehkomUkraina" (Yalta) and the UK "Professional" (Simferopol). According to Andrei Zapevalova, today demanded the best known are the cottages for luxury, located in the unique recreational areas and the South Coast. They are characterized by an individual project, a large area and high quality finishing. This increases the demand for business-class towns, which are being built today in Nikita Massandra, Evpatoria, and at Sevastopol and the Crimean capital. Experts note promising a northwesterly direction. The cost of land here, at least 3 times lower than in the South Coast, but still offers enough. The advantages of "north" are also smooth terrain and vast sandy beaches, which allows to build a cottage villages directly on the coast. According to the company "Market-Crimea", today in the region claimed five prospective projects, under which are already available lands. Among these villages in the area of Small Lighthouse near Alushta, Sevastopol, and Theodosia. According to Vladimir Stepenko in the coming years the system construction of cottages on the peninsula will be actively developed. The market will come new companies that have already purchased and plan to develop larger plots of land - about 30-40 hectares.

Ownerships in figures

As noted by Alexander dummy, deputy director of the Kiev offices Investment Construction Company "Crimean Bridge, home ownership in a cottage village is conveniently divided into three groups by type of building. The first category includes townhouses (as well as towns slipways - cottages with access to the sea, often having their parking lot for motor boats or scooters). Section townhouses are typically 2, 4 or 6 semi-detached houses area of 150-250 square meters. m and a height of 1-3 floors. The adjacent plot - is minimal. The cost of such housing in the Crimea from $ 200 thousand to $ 700 thousand, for example, sold in the UK "KiyBud" town "Southern Symphony" (5 hectares, Evpatoria) is proposed to build 96-T 2-storey townhouses from 95 to 226 square meters. m value of $ 1300 per square. m. Cottages and small houses are larger on average, from 200 to 400 square meters. m, the height of 2-3 floors, as well as a rule, a garage and an outdoor pool on site. The area is also larger house territory - from 6 to 25-30 hectare. The cost of these homes start at $ 400 thousand and up to $ 1 million

The third type - villas luxury, whose area exceeds 300 square meters. m. The cost of such home ownership starts from $ 800 thousand, for example, cottage village "Wisteria", located 500 meters from the sea, consists of only 4 cottages area of 700 square meters. m sections of 30 hundred. Their cost is $ 1.6 million from $ 1.5 million start and villas in the Gurzuf Park (ISK Crimean bridge), whose area is about 400-800 square meters. pm (on the territory of 3 hectares located villas, townhouses and apartments.)

The highest rates are traditionally demonstrated Yalta, as well as the South Coast towns. According to the company "Market-Crimea", in early 2008 are costs of proposals in the organized towns was $ 1600 - $ 3500 per sqm. pm (single proposal - $ 5000/kv. m and $ 10000/kv. m). Prices on the North Coast and in Sevastopol ranged from $ 1100 to $ 1700 per square. am a little bit cheaper, according to Alexander Nemtyreva costs the purchase of homes in small complexes, which build physical persons. This may be the site area of 30-50 hectares, which are built several cottages, executed, usually in a single architectural style. If a group of townhouses house of 200 square meters. meter costs about $ 400 thousand, then the same area cottage "from a private" would cost approximately $ 250 thousand in the same time, issues service residents will have to decide yourself. Typically, home ownership in the cottage on the South Coast get to the seasonal holidays. The main contingent of buyers consists of immigrants: half of them are Russians (Moscow, St. Petersburg), about 45% are Ukrainian mega-cities (Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Odessa). Interested in a sunny peninsula and the foreigner - Baits, Belarusians, Germans.
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