Cottage Towns: Features and Prospects

13.09.2010 09:28
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage Towns: Features and Prospects Every year the construction of cottages in the cottage gets better, the architectural solutions - versatile. An increasing number of potential homeowners who want a structured living in a cottage area with developed infrastructure and security.

For the sake of orderly comfort of future masters of houses agree on a model project, neighbors 50-100 50-100 ha, and a very small "personal" space station. More than 50% of them agree to buy a house in the town today and move into it tomorrow.

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Model for construction in Ukraine cottage towns became Russia. But Ukraine, the number of both built and presented to the construction of cottage townships to its northern neighbor is far away. Only in the vicinity of Moscow, has more than 300 projects cottage townships, and about the same declared.

Project in Ukraine, claiming the title of "cottage" is in almost all regions of Ukraine. But basically build organized cottage villages near Kiev - 269 (built, under construction,

Most cottage towns according to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko falls on the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky District (62 campus), for him - Obukhov (58 towns) and districts Makarov (32 campus).

Kottezhnye campuses - four categories
Until recently, the cottage small towns we called, and how to built (or constructed) complexes with a single concept development, plan area, a centralized engineering and social infrastructure, and spontaneously united builders, which enclose the common fence, have brought to their gas stations , electricity, etc.

Nowadays in Ukraine it is already possible to identify four main categories of organized settlements:

Cottage Towns of 1 category: New and old houses with garden plots on the territories of cities, towns and villages (4-12 acres, township roads and communications)

Cottage Towns Category 2: 60-90 years of housing estates development (5-10 acres, gardening partnerships Soviet-style, dirt roads, a motley engineering infrastructure)

Cottage villages third category: the new detached modern cottages with different architecture, built from the mid-90 to date, sometimes combined in a natural cottage settlements initiated by property owners, in order to organize the general utilities and protection of the territory (4-30 cottages 10-20 acres, connect to networks, modern engineering infrastructure, asphalt roads).

Cottage Towns Category 4:
cottage villages organized by a single developer with a single infrastructure, a good level of utilities and social infrastructure development (40-150 cottages, 2-way asphalt inner roads with sidewalks and lawns, landscaped public areas, private utilities, security, cafes, supermarkets, etc.).

However, in 2008, was presented a classification of cottage townships. According to her cottage villages are divided into three groups:

Cottage Towns premium category. These cottage villages are located 10-20 km from the city, the forest park areas with ponds. Land area - 50 acres, square houses of 500 m2. Must have its own housing office, security, guest parking, shop, fitness center, playgrounds, medical center, restaurant.

Cottage Towns Business category. These cottage villages are located 30 km from Kiev, near the forest pond. The area houses - up to 500 m2 plots - from 20 to 50 hectare.

Cottage Towns category Economy Class and townhouses. These cottage villages there is little represented in the Ukrainian property market.

Cottage Towns - modern designs

Current projects include the construction of cottage villages in one area specifically designed several versions of standard designs of cottages (usually 5-6), aged in the same architectural style. Typically, this is the home area of about 350-400 "squares" with a garage.

Some believe that the standard design cottage - is a minus: so want to stand out! But for the sake of comfortable living in a civilized guarded cottage town with all the conveniences of civilization can be and it makes sense to sacrifice the individual project and buy a finished house, designed in the same architectural style cottage.

Indeed, among the important pros stay in the cottage - close to the social status neighbors. And besides houses in a designated project area cottage towns provides sports and playgrounds, cafes, marinas and beaches, a pharmacy around the clock medical center, shopping and fitness centers.

Required infrastructure elements of cottage townships: phones, internet, gas, electricity, water, waste (or removal) of waste. May shop, kindergarten, ZHEK, swimming pool, gym, tennis court - if the amount can be invested in construction funds. By the way, but no less important pluses also include the fresh country air and the absence of neighbors behind the wall. "

By "negative" refers, as already mentioned, the model house project, as well as the need to obey the accepted in the cottage rules.

Cottage town: Category Buyer

Buyers of homes in the cottage today can be divided into three categories:

The first - the most numerous - the people who plan to live in the town permanently. Buyers of the first group - people with average incomes who are willing to invest in a house 350-400 thousand dollars, and spending on its contents monthly average of about $ 800.

The latter are investing for resale.

The third category of buyers, for rent houses for rent

In the bulk of these buyers of suburban housing in the cottage - typical citizens, and only a general understanding of what a private home. It is not uncommon when a potential buyer cottage just do not understand the difference between an apartment and a house, and the figure of 250-400 "squares" it's scary. These people live in an apartment in the area of 100-120 "squares" and want to house the same area.

And developers of cottage townships often have to explain that in addition to the standard set of a city apartment - kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms - Cottage presupposes and other premises such as shopping rooms and a room for the boiler equipment, garage, sauna and / or gym.

And even if the area of living rooms in the cottage, bathrooms and kitchens will be coveted by the buyer 120 "squares", then through an additional, but necessary for comfortable living spaces, the total area could grow to 300 square meters. The area of a private home and included the binding element of its floors - a ladder, which is also and important part of interior. But it is often "forget to count" future home owners.

The main customer demand for cottage villages focused on homes located in a 30-kilometer radius from Kiev. And another factor to the attention of buyers - the presence near the town forest or pond

Cottage Towns: demand and market outlook

The main demand of buyers cottage towns focused on an area of 100-200 m2 homes, two-story or attic in 30 km from Kiev near the woods, pond. A third of potential buyers interested in the home area of 150 m2, but such offers no market: developers are economically disadvantageous, even at large "circulation." Offered the same mostly prospective homeowners 10.05 model projects cottages of 200-400 m2

The greatest demand is observed on the cottage towns, located in Zhytomyr (Kiev Svyatoshinsky area) and Obukhov directions. A very high price - in Koncha Zaspa, P. Cozine, Sec Parking, Section Plyutov, n. Gatnoe and P. Lucky

Experts predict over the coming years the demand for cottages in the cottage of Ukraine will grow - too many "pros" have organized cottage towns. In the near future, medium and maintenance of classes will be actively populating the suburbs into position in their own cottages in organized towns, as happened in Europe and the United States half a century ago. There is another way of development - development of land, more distant (within 100 miles) from Kiev and the establishment of a new type of suburban housing - Ranch ...

Reference: The development of cottage villages in the West had a completely different economic model than now in Ukraine. History "levithauzov" - very cheap houses - whose production turnkey began after World War II, is an example of how due to a significant reduction in price of suburban buildings has acquired the entire country. Thanks to such cheap homes of people living in the suburbs grew by 85mln. people, while in metropolitan areas - for 10 million. people.

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