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Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage towns: at the bottom ... In total there are 222-based portal of the town, located in the Kiev region, 75% of them - is under construction, built and projected houses, 20% - under construction, built and projected townhouses, and the rest - the villa.
As of March 10, the average cost of 1 square meter villa in the cottage in the Kyiv region is 1,645 dollars, which is 21% lower than in December 2008. Average cost of 1 sq.m in townhouse is 1,511 dollars.


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At the base of the portal today, there are 17 cottage townships located in the capital: 52% are houses under construction, built and projected, 35% - under construction, built and projected townhouses, and the rest - the villa.
In 2006 in Kiev was only 5 of cottage townships, in 2008, their number increased to 9. Today in the 2 campuses construction halted. 50% of towns commissioned in previous years.
Cost of 1 sq. m in 2006 amounted to $ 5000 for the "square" in 2008 - 2700-7000. As of March 2009 the average cost of the "square" in a cottage is 2,867 dollars, which is 51% less than in 2008 and the average cost of 1 sq ft townhouse is in 2185 dollars, down 25.6% compared with December 2008.
The minimum cost of 1 sq. km. m in town "Desnyanskiy (Troyeshchyna) starts from $ 1000. Maximum price "square" is equal to $ 8000 was put into the complex "Residence Timiryazevskaya in Pechersk.

Baryshevsky DISTRICT
In mid-2008 was first announced to build a cottage Cottage Sity in Baryshevka. At present, construction is not underway. Cost of 1 sq ft starts at $ 700.

Boryspil district
As of December 2006 at Borispol district, there were nine towns with varying degrees of readiness, in 2008 they became 10, and as of March 1, 2009 there were already 22, and only 2 of the town was built, and 45% are under construction campuses, 5 of which construction is frozen.
The minimum average cost of 1 sq.m starts from $ 1000, and the maximum is close to $ 3000 in the cottage "Preservation-1», Forest Park and the new town of the elite class in Protseve "Ambassadorial Guta.

Borodyansky DISTRICT
About civilized cottage villages in the area Borodyansky said at the end of 2006. In May 2007 they had 2 in the area, but today the number is 8, 75% of which are the projected cottage villages.
Minimum price starts at $ 800 per "square", and the maximum is $ 1000 for 1 sq. m. As of March 1, there is no full campus under construction in this region.

Brovarsky area
In 2006, the year in Brovarskom area was 8 of cottage townships, and today their number has increased to 21, and 85% of which occur in cottages in the cottage. 10 campuses of the total are in the planning stage.
At present, the average cost of 1 sq. km. m has reached the level of early 2007: $ 700 minimum and 1500 maximum.
It should be noted that the number of frozen objects Brovarskyi district leader. Of the 6 towns built in the 5 building not fully carried out.

Vasilkovsky DISTRICT
As of March 1, based portal There are 18 townships in Vassilkovskaya area, of which the lion's share (15 townships) took under construction, finished and planned houses, 47% of which have already been constructed.
The cost of the "square" in the area dropped to the level of prices beginning in 2007.
The minimum cost of 1 sq. km. meter starts at $ 800 ("Lake hutorets"), and the maximum increased as compared with 2008 at $ 500 per "square" in the complex elite cottage villages "Mayetok. Skarbnitsya Єvropi. This is due to the introduction in late 2008 of "Mayetok. Pearl Іtalії "and part of the town of utilities in operation.
According to Director of Development Group of Companies Mayetok Natalia Bashinskoy sales in town are at 2008 levels. This indicates a thoughtful and literate concept of town.

Vyshgorodsky area
In Vyshgorodsky area as of March 10, there are 17 towns, 52% of which are under construction, but in 7 towns construction is suspended or transferred to the stage of the project.
Start "square" in Vyshgorod district with $ 800 in the settlement Petrivtsi and reached 2,800 U.S. $ / sq ft in built cottage town "zhych" in the village Novoselki.

Kiev Svyatoshinsky DISTRICT

By the number of cottage townships Kiev Svyatoshinsky district second only to the Obukhov district (51 town). By the number of planned houses in the cottage area belongs to the championship (13), as well as the number of finished townhouses (11).
Currently, stopped construction in 6 campuses.
At a cost of "square" area ahead of the rest: $ 300. So begins a new cottage "Azure" in. Mirotskoe.
Highest price threshold (2500 U.S. $ / sq ft, built the town "Dandy", with the. Vita Postal) at the level of May 2007.

Makarovsky District
By the number of cottage townships Makarovsky area ranks third in the Kiev region after the Obukhov and Kiev Sviatoshynsky areas (30), and the number of construction camps (13) and projected (12) Makarov district occupies first place in the Kiev region.
Lead district by the number of "frozen" objects (9).
The cost of the "square" in the area starts from $ 800 (Osykove ") and finishes at 1500 U.S. $ / sq ft (Severynivka).

Obukhov district

By the number of cottage townships Obukhov district ranks first in the Kiev region (53 campus). Among this number 19 of them ready. It is in this area houses the largest number of cottage townships elite class, the first of which were built in Ukraine in 2004. It was here that will be constructed 8 new types of housing in the cottage as a luxury villa with large surrounding land.
Currently, construction is suspended in 7 towns.
The bottom bracket of the "square" in the area dropped to $ 800 (Forest Lake), the cost of 1 sq ft in December 2006. The upper limit value of the "square" is at a level $ 5000 (Big House) during 2008-2009. This is the cost of 1 sq ft in built towns elite class.

Fastovsky DISTRICT

Back in 2006, the company Kievzhilstroy "said the construction of cottage" Cote d'Azur "in. Snitynka, but unfortunately, he unfortunately did not realize it. According to the company, the land is owned and the company plans to change the concept and build a resort for summer and winter holidays
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