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19.06.2010 11:42
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage for rent near Kiev Today the percentage of Kiev, who prefer to travel abroad or to vacation in the Crimea in the metropolitan suburbs, quite small. However, for those who still decided to spend the summer in the Kiev region, Building considered the most relevant options for rental houses and the price range for them.

In the right direction
Residences renting those wealthy people who have not yet to acquire their own houses, said Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing consulting company SV Development. They like to spend leisure time in a secluded area away from Kiev, ready and working days to make daily trips to work and back. Of course, compared with a market capital lease apartments, the market rental of country houses in the next eight to Kiev areas quite insignificant. If the city presented to the rental of tens of thousands of objects, in the field - a little more than a thousand. According to SV Development, at the end of May, about 700 homes have been occupied by tenants, and only 300 were vacant. Last year, free houses were little more: about 500 estates "in summer" empty. That is, demand is gradually increasing.

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Selection is
Renting a cottage in the Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky area can be Borshchagovka and Gorenka (4 offers); Gatnoe and foresters (3 offers); Belogorodka, Boyarka and parking (for 2 sites); Buzov, Bucha, Gorenichi, Irpin, Kruglik, Petrovsky, Pidgirtsi, Khotov and gulls. The cheapest cottage offered in Irpen - a one-storey house (60 square meters. M plot 8 hectare) for $ 300 a month. The most expensive options - to $ 6 thousand a month - a two-storey house in Borshchagovka (320 square meters. M, 8 hectare of land) and a three-storey house in Forester (430 square meters. M, plot 17 hectare).

In Vasyl'kivs'ke area you can rent a cottage in such settlements, as Hlevakha (2 properties), Linden Skytok, Olshanka (2 offers), the cellar and Hlepcha (2 houses). The range of prices - from $ 750 a month for a two-storey house in the cellar (190 square meters. M, site of the 30 hectare) to $ 10,000 a month for a three-storey cottage in Hlepche (560 square meters. M, 50 hectare of land).

In Brovarskyy area homes to rent are offered within Brovary, as well as in Zazimya, cellars, Pidlissia and Puff. The cheapest option - a two-storey house in Pidlissia (150 square meters. M, plot 26 hectare) for $ 850 a month. The most expensive item delivered in Brovary - a three storey building with 20 hundred square meters of land for $ 3000 a month.

In Vyshgorod area can be rented cottage itself in Vyshegorod in Higher Dubechnia Guta-Mezhigorskaya Zhukin, Lebedovke, Liutizh, Old Petrovci and Hotyanovke. Rental price range is not so much - from $ 1100 for a three-storey house in Zhukin (170 square meters. M, 12 hectare) to $ 2500 for a three-storey cottage in Huta-Mezhygirska (300 square meters. M, 34 CM).

Houses in Boryspil district offered directly in Borispol, as well as cherries, Kiylove, Protseve, Petrovsky and happy. The range of rents - from $ 1000 per month for a two-storey house in Happy (140 sq. M, 7 hectare of land) to $ 5000 a month for a three-storey house in Borispol (340 sq. M, plot 40 hectare).

In with. Dernivka Baryshevsky area for $ 500 a month for rent two-storey villa (100 square meters. M, 12 hectare of land). In with. Seagulls Boguslavsky district for $ 4000 per month proposed a three-storey house (300 sq. M, 20 hectare). In Skvira for $ 2500 per month you can rent a two-storey cottage (150 sq. km. M, 50 hectare). In with. Tarasovka Fastiv district month rent two-storey house (150 square meters. M, 50 hectare of land) will cost $ 1250.

Thus, a prospective tenant can expect to rent cottages from $ 300 up to $ 15,000 per month, depending on direction. And it should be noted that the real price is somewhat lower because there is always the chance of bargaining.

Algorithm rent
An initial search of objects, usually by means of the Internet. The network contains pictures and information about virtually all available on the market offers, which allows to choose among the options most suitable.

The other way - to apply to real estate agency. But it initially restricts the choice to only those cottages, which are present in the base of the agency. Find other options can be paired with an increase in fees. However, avoid intermediaries rarely works. After all, under the exhibited objects in the network almost always designated contact a real estate agency or a specific realtor. Either way, the owner is quite difficult to reach.

Naturally, no one has repealed and other ways of finding a suitable home - on the recommendation of friends, acquaintances, etc.

To earn

According to experts, initially creating cottages for rent, do not focus too much on the original versions, because they can not come to everyone. Better pay attention to what is popular on the market. For example, among the tenants has been a steady demand for homes covering about 150 square meters. m plots with sizes of about 6.10 hectare, located no further than 20 km from Kiev. Naturally, the house should conduct an asphalt road. It is preferable that the site belonged to the forest, lake or river. The owner of the cottage with all the urban amenities and good transport accessibility can count on the rent $ 800 per month.

According to V. Stepenko, renting country real estate for rent can be interesting, specific, but not large-scale business. If initially calculate costs, get the following picture: on the purchase of 10 hectare of land 15 km from Kiev, require a minimum of $ 30 000-40 000. Project homes in 200 sq. meters will cost about $ 10,000. With construction costs $ 500 per square. m on the construction of the box should be approximately $ 100,000. Repair costs will be $ 300-400 per square. m. Also need to buy a good home appliances and furniture, it is rather expensive - about $ 30 000-40 000. Good landscape design will cost at least $ 5 thousand

Rent may also bring a good profit. The average rate on a house in 10 km from Kiev area of 200 square meters. m with all facilities (communications, hot and cold water) and land in the 12 hectare is $ 300 per day. If the house is not very high quality and is located 20-30 km from the capital, over the day rent you can get about $ 100. Mansions in the elite Koncha Zaspa "pull" at $ 1000 a day and more.

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