Cottage real estate in Kharkov and region

19.02.2010 14:46
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage real estate in Kharkov and region
Cottage building in Kharkov and the near suburbs represented as a point of building objects, and cottage settlements.
Cottage settlements. Today the market for cottage communities is rather complicated. Of all the declared settlements in Kharkiv and region there are 7, which actually still under construction. A characteristic feature of this market is the realization of new homes exclusively for a specific owner, who purchased the land in the village.
Prices offers homes (construction of the standard design) in the cottage communities are in the range 500-1000 USD / sq.m. The cost of land depending on the location of the cottage settlement of 1000-10000 USD / weaving. The maximum price for construction of houses as well as the acquisition of land recorded in an orderly settlement of premium-class "Park House" in the forest park: land put up for sale at 20 000 USD / weaving, ready-made cottage - 2300 U.S. $ / sq. . m.
Companies that are building a cottage villages, offer potential buyers a variety of discounts and payment by installments. Nevertheless, favorable conditions have not enliven the market.

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Cottages dot construction. The highest prices for villas in Kharkov is observed in the elite areas of the city - Shatilovke and heartwarming, price offers - 550000-1500000 USD. The cost of cottages in the area Pavlovo field is 300 000-800 000 USD.
Proposal cottages in the near suburb of Kharkov quite limited. Put up for sale in the main house a small area (up to 300 sq ft), located at standard sites (10-15 ares) without additional improvements (landscape design, saunas, swimming pool).
Average price of detached houses in suburban locations is in the range 150 000 - 250 000 USD (Tsirkuni, Baba, C. Tishkov, M. Danilovka, etc.). Cost 1 City center in these areas is 1000-1500 USD.
In the elite suburb of the cost of a cottage areas may reach 500 000 USD (Florinka, Relatives, Tchaikovsky), plots - from 1500 to 6000 USD per sq.m..
Plotnikova, Anna - Analyst Group of companies "Proconsul"
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