Cottage near Kharkov is available for $ 5 thousand

01.03.2011 15:55
Cottage near Kharkov is available for $ 5 thousand In February, the real estate market Kharkov increased number of requests by the private sector. Many applications and for low-cost ($ 5000 - $ 10000) villas in the suburbs of Kharkov, as well as homes in price ranges from $ 15 to $ 25 thousand in the 15-20 km. from the city.

Told told the head of the Expert Council in the "Ukrainian Guild realtors," Sergey Shkil.

According to him, seasonal demand for this segment of real estate begins in February and early March, because people want to buy a house with garden plots before the season.

"Since last year, prices for these private homes and villas in the suburbs have not changed much, though, compared to pre-crisis, and fell 3 times", - told the realtor.

As for homes in the city, then, according to S. Shkileva, prices start from $ 20 thousand. Demand for homes is low and primarily this is due to the fact that 80% of cases, buying a home sale is preceded by an apartment and resettlement, which complicates the transaction.
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