Cottage house in Kiev and Kiev region: trends and forecasts

21.01.2010 17:39
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage house in Kiev and Kiev region: trends and forecasts
Head of suburban real estate portal and director of RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko described the situation in the market of cottage townships, and Kiev region:
-As of 15.01.2010, in the portal there were 247 cottage villages in the Kiev region and 19 towns in Kyiv.
Victor Kovalenko said of the 19 sites in Kiev, the construction halted on 3 objects, and in the Kiev region construction halted on 85 sites, representing 50% of the total number under construction or planned towns.
At the beginning of the year the average cost of 1 sq. m in the cottage in the Kyiv region is equal to 1,460 dollars. Compared with the average cost of 1,989 dollars for 1 sq. m in December 2008 (the decline was 27%.)

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Championship at an average cost of the "square" at the Obukhov district -2,018 dollars and finishes Baryshevsky district with the cost of the "square" $ 700.
Average price of 1 sq. m in Kiev is 2,964 dollars.
As for the minimum and maximum prices, as at the beginning, the minimum price starts at $ 520 per square meter in Makarov area and the maximum was in Kiev (7000 dol. / m) and Obukhov district (4000 USD. / m).
"It should be noted that the market of cottage townships, starting from the second half of 2009, marked the new trends: developers in connection with the crisis are changing the concept: (changing the appointment of construction, reduces the number of houses, construction is divided into the queue, instead of houses for sale of land with a contract or without a contract).
In my view, these trends will continue in 2010.
With respect to forecasts of prices, the prices in newly constructed cottage towns will fall throughout the year for a further 10-20%. ", Said Victor Kovalenko.
Prices in the cottage built towns with existing infrastructure, especially the elite class will not change. This is due to the fact that the developers of these towns have invested heavily in construction dokrizizny period. Yes, and the land cost them dearly. Therefore, they do not intend to dump.
I have known cases of sales in the cottage, where the value of the auction was reduced by 100% compared with the pre-crisis.
"As I predicted, the recovery of the market may start closer to the summer of 2010,-poditozhil Mr. Kovalenko.
Viktor Kovalenko
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