Cottage for the summer: a review of proposals for the lease of country houses and cottages

25.07.2011 13:03
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cottage for the summer: a review of proposals for the lease of country houses and cottages Summer vacation is most commonly associated with the sea, but residents of big cities of Kiev and can relax from the bustle, without going far from home.

The rental market suburban housing is actively developing. Today, everyone can find a country house or cottage capital according to your taste and budget.

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Analysis of the proposals shows that the rates for rental cottages near Kiev will start from 500 USD. Cottages with private facilities will cost more here offers start at eight thousand UAH. For those who do not want to think about life, there is a complete sentence.

Option number 1. Country complexes all inclusive

Those who wish to relax fully below in the format of Kiev all inclusive (including meals and entertainment), can go to the suburban set. It is a small villa for 7-12 rooms of different categories of comfort. Depending on the location and condition of the prices they range from 150 UAH. per person per night for a modest number to 1 thousand UAH. per apartment.

The highest price asked for the villa by the lake or river, on the banks of which are equipped with mini-beaches. Often placed along the gazebo with barbecue. The average package of additional services in suburban complexes include food in a restaurant, bar, sauna, pool, karaoke, pool, parking, children's playroom and animators.

Option number 2. Cottage for rent

According to the press service of the site free ads Slando, July 1, was placed over two thousand ads on renting housing below Kiev. Among the proposals - like small cottages (700 ads), and large houses (about 1500 ad). Their value depends on the area and condition of the house / cottage.

Cottages can accommodate from three to seven people. Standard offer - a modest living conditions, including a minimum set of furniture and equipment. Offers low price segment, usually mean that the facilities are located in the courtyard, the water - only cold. On the boiler, air conditioner, microwave, washing machine, grill, cable or satellite television can be counted only in the high price segment.

Analysis of the proposals shows that the cheapest apartment for giving Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky region Kiev region - prosyatv hosts an average of 1 thousand UAH. per month. The cheapest offer in the area - 600 UAH. per month, the most expensive - 2 tys.grn. / month.

Further, the cost and follow Vyshgorodsky Vasilkovsky areas (1.5 thousand / month.) A few costly to rent villas in Brovary, Boryspil district and Obukhov (2.5 tys.grn. / mo.). The most expensive is traditionally Kiev Svyatoshinsky area, here the average price of renting villas of 3 UAH. per month. Rental rates in this area range from 1.2 UAH. to 7.2 thousand UAH. per month.

The main difference from the cottages villas - a large area of ​​both the home and homestead area. So, give, have one, at least - two floors, while the floors of two houses and starts reaches four (excluding basement).

Most often, houses are located far from the motorway and have access to the river or lake. Homes in the highest price category have a private beach, in the - landscape design. Often the houses are equipped with designer furniture and fixtures, modern appliances and security system. Some of them are equipped with "smart home".

Cottages can accommodate from 7 to 15. Tenants can look forward to a sauna or bathhouse, banquet hall, room for negotiation, fireplace, gym and pool. Typically in a cottage located sports and children's playground, swimming pool with sun loungers and parasols, a garage, gazebo, barbecue.

Considered the most prestigious Kiev Svyatoshinsky area. Conditions as in the cottages and country houses, here the best in the area. Price, respectively, also the highest - an average of 44 tys.grn. / month. (Border prices in the proposals - from 31 to 80 tys.grn. / mo.). Next descending price should Obukhov (average price of 56 thousand UAH / month.) And Boryspil district (40 tys.grn. / mo.).

The average cost of a cottage in Vyshgorod and Brovasky areas is 30 tys.grn. / month. And in Vasylkivska - 24 tys.grn. / month. Cheapest offer - in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky region, price range here is 8-15 tys.grn. / month. The average rental price - 12 tys.grn. / month. (See Figure 2).

Vacation rentals in the regions

In regions of the rent holiday homes is much lower capital. Thus, in the Kharkiv region giving can be removed for 800 UAH / month. The most expensive proposal - 1500 UAH / month. The cost of houses varies from 8000 USD. up to 12,000 USD. per month.

Cottages in the Donetsk region shall be at a price of 500 UAH. 1 UAH. per month. Holiday - from 3 UAH. 10 ths.

In the Dnepropetrovsk region rent villas start from 800 USD. and up to 2 UAH. Holiday shall be the price of 10 UAH. up to 20 UAH. per month.

The cost of renting villas in the Lviv region is in the range from 600 UAH. 1 ths. per month. Holiday shall be the price of 1500 UAH. 16 000 UAH. per month.

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