Construction of cottage towns near Kiev slowed down

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As of 011/05/2019, according to the portal, in the Kiev region there are 607 cottage townships in comparison with 598 townships in January 2019, so only 9 new projects entered the market during January-April that is very little compared to last year.  During the first quarter of 2018, 17 new projects entered the market, i.e. market decline is 47%.

Of all the cottage townships in the Kiev region, in 258 cottage settlements near Kiev, construction was completed in comparison with 222 cottage townships in January 2018. During the year 36 cottage townships were commissioned. The share of built cottage settlements is 42.05% of the total market.

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In 259 cottage settlements near Kiev, construction is currently underway (42.67%), which is 40 more towns compared to January 2018.

Currently, 90 cottage townships are at the design stage (14.82%). In comparison with the beginning of the year, one projected town moved to the stage of construction.

In 169 cottage townships of the Kiev region, construction is “frozen”, which is 27.84% of all towns and 48.42% of the cottage towns under construction and design.
In the first quarter of this year alone, construction stopped in 3 towns near Kiev.

Dynamics of the number of cottage townships in the Kiev region,
January-2019 - May-2019, (according to

District                January-2019   May-2019
Baryshevsky        1                    1
Bila Tserkva         2                   2
Borispolsky          47                 47
Borodyansky        16                16
Brovarsky            43                42
Bucha                 21                21
Vasylkivsky          45                47
Vyshgorodsky      44                44
Irpin                   27                32
Kiev-Svyatoshinsky 214            217
Makarovsky         67                67
Obukhovsky        71                71
TOTAL              598              607

If we analyze new projects, then, basically, these are mini-towns for 4-99 households with a predominance of townhouses and duplexes. There are among them towns for 4-120 cottages, located 5-10 km from Kiev. New towns are being built of aerated concrete, carcass, and, rarely, of brick.
Since the construction of such facilities requires less funds than the construction of full-fledged cottage townships with infrastructure, so they appear in villages and towns near the existing infrastructure, forest, river.

The leader in the number of cottage towns near Kiev is Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district (217 towns compared to 214 towns in January 2019).
During January-April, 3 new projects entered the market in the region.

In second place by the number of cottage townships Obukhov district with the 71st cottage village. During the analyzed period, there were no new projects here.

Third place in the number of cottage villages in Makarov district (67 towns).
In the area since the beginning of the year there were no new projects.

During January-April 2019, new cottage villages appeared in Vasilkovsky (2), Kiev-Svyatoshinsky (3) districts and Irpin (5).

By the number of projected, under construction and built towns, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district holds primacy.

By the number of "frozen" objects, Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district is in the lead (38 townships).

A new trend for the Ukrainian suburban real estate market in 2016-2019 is the entry to the market of small cottage towns of economy class with the advantage of townhouses as a type of real estate.

Many developers of the Kiev region in the construction of new residential complexes and one or more lines are allocated for the construction of townhouses, duplexes or cottages.

By type of real estate, primacy at the cottages (309 towns, which is 50.9%), in second place are townhouses (193 towns, or 31.8%), in third place are duplexes (46 towns, or 7.58%), next are land plots (40 towns, or 6.59% of the market). Close the circle of villas (19 towns, or 3.13% of the market).

In 40 cottage towns of Kiev region land plots are offered for construction. These are only 7 districts. The leader is Makarovsky district (16 towns), in second place is Vyshgorodsky district (12 villages) and in third place with a significant margin - Vasilkovsky district (4 towns).

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