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10.09.2010 14:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cheaply and angry Given all the known events in the real estate market, it is natural that the attractiveness of cottage townships economy klasaa increased. As the crisis affected the prices of houses in the villages of "modest" segment, and how increased interest in them - in the article Building.

In anticipation of one-story America

In the market of cottage settlements economy-class exhibit the same changes as in other segments, said Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing SV Development. First, the decreased sales volume. Secondly, a 40% average prices fell. Thirdly, many projects have been frozen. Fourth, virtually ceased to exist Mortgages: Most banks have refused to issue mortgages in general, and those that do, offer unattractive terms with high stakes.

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At the same time, the classes of "economy" and "Economy +", according to the expert, is now unambiguously attracted the most interest and are most popular among all segments of the suburban real estate market. But talk about a surge in demand will be a great exaggeration. Rather, it is a gradual increase. However, in time of crisis the real demand has dropped at least twice.

Cyril Cooper, Director of Business Development "DrimHauz Ukraine, said that during the active construction of organized cottage villages in 2000-2008 years on the market did not come out, no projects, corresponding to the class" economy ". After the construction of country houses in Koncha Zaspa and Vita-Postal carried the wealthy, and only in segments of "elites" and "business". But in time of crisis have started to appear villages, which are positioned in the category "business", although in fact it is economy class.

The crisis has created a demand for inexpensive and thoughtful suburban housing. Of course, potential buyers do not stand in the queue, but the demand is clear. Once in a radius of 20-25 km from Kiev will be a project where footage will be offered small cottages and small plots of land near the forest, buyers significantly more active. "So," New Home "is building not far from Kiev seven small villages, where the projected area of 20-30 sq home. meters for $ 15,000. This is the first beginnings of one-story America "- said K. Cooper.

Analysis concepts
Among experts there is no consensus on the definition of specific characteristics of the towns economy class.

For example, C. Cooper believes cottage villages low-price category for 10-15 households rather chaotic building. According to the expert, to the economy segment of the home can not be attributed to the field, 40 km from Kiev, which are not laid normal access roads and utilities are not summed. Even if the price of such objects will be low (about $ 500 per square. M), its parameters, they still fall short of the economy class. According to the specialist, for the village economy category requires a single architectural style, made-up communications, transport infrastructure. In these towns have erected a small house with a sound urban planning, but without compromise on quality. The cost of houses should be within $ 100 000-150 000. As an example K. Cooper leads Green House. The developer for a year unsuccessfully tried to sell 3 hectares of land in the middle of a pine forest 30 kilometers from Kiev. But then he thought about the concept of literate village, determined to build 25 houses. The result was not long in coming - as soon launched the project, was sold four cottages, two more are under contract signing.

Vladimir Kolesov, director of the village of Family House, sees his town as an object at the intersection of classes of "business" and "Economy +". Although many parameters Family House can be ranked economy category, the monthly maintenance fee of $ 130 is beyond the scope of this class.

According to the company SV Development, today in the Kiev region at different stages of implementation are 37 cottage settlements economy class (10,350 households). Of them, 5 was built towns (253 homeownership), built 22 villages (5089 households) in the process of designing 10 sites (5008 households).

At this moment, we are selling a dozen cottage settlements economy segment: "The Aviator", "Two Rivers", "Ivankovo", "Lelechy Хутір", "Our Містечко", "New Bogdanovka", "Scythian", "Ясні Зорі. Among all the towns most active segment of the construction differ Family House and the "Scythian". A "quiet" - "Aviator", "Ivankovo", "Lelechy Хутір", "Forest Tale", "Misto Sontsya" and "Our Містечко.

The question of what are the chances of completion of the stated terms, for many towns economy class is still open.

Pricing adequacy

According to V. Stepenko, now there is price stabilization of the real estate market - the decline of the value of homes almost stopped.

As noted by K. Cooper, quality projects were sold last year at a good price. But now prices on the suburban real estate is essentially unchanged. In the near future is unlikely to remain their growth. Just as little justified hopes for lower prices, because this prevented the objective construction costs. In fact, the cost of construction of housing is about $ 650 per square. m. Therefore, further reduction in the cost of construction of houses made unprofitable. In the village of Green Hills refused dumping, because the price of housing for economy class there is quite high - a little over $ 1000 per sqm. m. Given that the building area ranges from 100 to 300 square meters. m (as well as the 6-8 hectare of land), then the total cost of homeownership is in the range of $ 170 000-350 000.

According to Mr. Cooper, general budgets for the purchase of the crisis fell. According to observations by V. Kolesov, if the house before the economy class can be purchased for $ 300,000, now - for $ 150,000. In addition, prior users were guided by cost per square meter at home and weave the cost of land, and now ask for a total price of homeownership. Even at a cost of one square meter to $ 600 purchase homeownership 500 square. m can be quite expensive - $ 300 000 for homeownership.

Potential buyers with a minimum budget can navigate to the following towns economy class: "Ivankovo", "New Bogdanovka", "Scythian".

The lowest price observed in the "New Bogdanovka" - where houses are offered from $ 88,000 to $ 208,000. The relatively low cost houses in the "Ivankovo" ($ 90 000-187 000) and "Scythian" ($ 90 000-250 000).
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