Cheap and expensive homes in the suburbs

24.09.2010 16:56
Real Estate Market Analysis | Cheap and expensive homes in the suburbs Moscow Region housing market returned to pre-crisis level - such a conclusion do now realtors and market experts, who conducted monitoring and analysis of proposals transactions. Curiously, the most expensive house on Rublevke fits in the top 100 most expensive homes in the world.

The cheapest cottage on Rublyovo-Uspensky highway road segment (business class and elite segment) of suburban housing can be purchased for 500 thousand dollars. Company Manor reports that at a distance of 10 kilometers from Moscow is the cheapest house. For that amount you can buy a townhouse without finishing in the village Romashkovo with a site area of 3 weave. The most expensive proposal for Rublevke represented in the village of Zhukovka-21. Cottage area of 2,2 thousand square meters with a plot of 5 hectares of land will cost 44.8 million dollars.

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The most expensive places to Rublevke include Health Barvikha, Landscape, Viacom, Valtim, Zhukovka-3, Romanova-2, Time 2, Cotton Wei, Pine Forest. Average cost of houses in these villages and health centers is 25 million dollars, and the average area of home ownership - 1000-1300 square meters.

On the second line rating of homeownership are exposed on the initial sale of such elite settlements, as Zhukovka XXI, Barvikha XXI, Azarov, Arkhangelsk-2, Park Vill Zhukovka. Here at home, on average there are 7.3 million dollars. Their average area reaches 1,150 meters.

The third place was occupied by the value of new homes in settlements of Notting Hill, Rublyovka Light and Lyon, as well as "secondary housing in villages and Aksinia Mozzhinka, localities Oleksandrivka Zagorje Islavskoe, Lapin, Molodenovo, Podushkin, Shulgin. In this category, the average price of homes ranges from 1,5 to 2,2 million dollars. The area houses an average of 500 square meters.

The review indicates that the most affordable homeownership for Rublevke (primary market) - the village of Upper Sareevo and Europe. In the secondary market - it offers in settlements Znamenskoye field Petrovo-Far, Soloslovo, Limes, Tagankovo, Ivanovka and Kozina. Average cost of homes, first time offered for sale is 950 thousand dollars. "Secondary" homes on average cost 850 thousand dollars. The average area of homes in this category - 300-350 square meters.

Most budgetary targets in the Moscow suburbs are townhouses in the organized settlements. Most affordable luxury housing is located in the Kaluga road, where over 435 thousand dollars you can buy a two-story town house of 170 meters with a site in 2 weave, located 5 kilometers Kaluga road. The most expensive item on the Kaluga area - house area 835 square meters and the $ 9 million. The house has a swimming pool with massage, a font, a Turkish bath, movie theater, fitness room, dressing room and office with fireplace.

At Ostashkov and Dmitrov highway at a distance of 10 kilometers from the capital to buy a house from 640 thousand dollars (300 square meters plot area of 8 hectare). The most expensive proposal is estimated at $ 8 million - a house area of 450 "squares" located on the site of 70 hectare, surrounded by forest and has access to the Pirogov reservoir.

The most expensive country houses on Novorizhskoe destination located in the village of the funnel. Cost townhouse area 206 meters is between 740 thousand dollars. The most high budget proposal for Novorizhskoye highway became a house worth 12.5 million dollars, located in an area of more than one hectare in the village Nikolskaya Sloboda.

Most affordable homeownership for Ilinskii highway costs between 800 thousand dollars (flat in the town house, 274 square meters plot area of 2 weave). The most expensive houses in this area are organized by the village near Arkhangelskoe and cost about $ 15 million.

On the highway Altufyevskoe cheapest elite housing is a town house area of 230 meters at the site five hundred square meters, which is estimated at 900 thousand dollars. The most expensive proposal - a house for $ 4 million in an area of 516 square meters in area of 20 hectare.

The most budget proposal for the Kiev highway found a house in a gated village Antonivka for 1.05 million dollars (300 square meters, plot 8 hectare). The most expensive proposal in this direction - the mansion area of 1350 square meters area in the 18 hectare - is estimated at 2.9 million dollars.

The minimum cost of a cottage on the highway Skolkovskom is 1.5 million dollars. For that amount you can buy a house in the village Nemchinovka 385 square meters with a plot of 18 hectare. Maximum home price here is 10 million dollars (637 square meters plot in 54 weave in the village Zarechye).

"Yes, indeed, today we can say that the market suburbs out of the crisis, and again began to gather momentum in the first place, home prices in the most prestigious townships and directions - LOOK CEO says company Realtor" Real Estate ХХ1 " Yegor Anichev. - Projected growth in the coming months will be about 2% per month, a year later the price override the pre-crisis performance through demand and "washout" budget choices ".

Buyers of elite suburban housing market experts are divided into 3 categories. The first category (approximately 52%) are those who dwell in the distance of 14 kilometers Rublyovo-Uspensky highway in close proximity to infrastructure Barvikha and Zhukovka. The infrastructure of the village they are not interested.

The second category of clients (33%), by contrast, prefer to buy houses in towns with a maximum range of infrastructure (playground, a small entertainment center, coffee shop, swimming pool, shop). Typically, such purchases make families with young children. For this category are also important and standard conditions: the price issue, and ecology.

The third group of buyers (15%), guided by a budget of just buying a house in pre-selected direction with a certain remoteness from Moscow. Among the motives of purchase may be other reasons.
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