By March, «Khrushchev» strongly fall in price

06.12.2010 14:47
Real Estate Market Analysis | By March, «Khrushchev» strongly fall in price Housing in dilapidated buildings and "Khrushchev" today almost no one buys. Prices for it have dropped significantly, but demand has not grown. Is a major review of the relationship the buyer to the quality of the object, in addition, it is already clear that banks are not lending and not lending to purchase a property.

This will lead to what is already in March 2011 prices for the "Khrushchev" will fall to 30%. About it, told analyst GC Hertz Maxim Sidorsky.

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According to him, "Khrushchev" in Donetsk sell virtually impossible and the issue is not price, and the reluctance of buyers live in them.

Another situation in Kharkiv, where more than 70% of housing built in Khrushchev's time. There's demand for "Khrushchev" is. "We are actively selling" Khrushchev. "

They are the cheapest and a good buy. In Kharkov, whole areas of housing and people got used to it ", - said Sergey Shkil of Sciences of the City." According to him the price of dilapidated housing in the spring will fall by 5-7%, but this depends on the purchasing power in general and not the quality of the objects.
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