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30.04.2016 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | Buyers interested in the houses near Kiev Kiev suburban real estate market is emerging from crisis.  Kiev suburban real estate market is emerging from crisis. Realtors say: from the middle of March and April in the structure of the query is in the lead at home application and land for development.

Pecked on prices

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The trend confirms the increase in demand and statistics. According to SV Development, for the first quarter of this year sold 464 homes in the suburbs of the capital and 55 - in the cottage.

"We fix a nearly twofold increase in sales, as in the first quarter of 2015 were sold only 240 homes in the suburbs and 28 cottage settlements" - said the analyst SV Development Sergey Kostecki.

It is significant that the interest in the objects in the cottage is higher than a freestanding mansions. However, it is the latter most often appear on the actual transactions.

"Demand for homes in cottage settlements there, but the quality of proposals not so much. In most cases, taking the decision to buy a house outside the city, buyers look first cottage towns, and if you do not find a suitable option, then go to the selection of detached houses, "- said the managing director of ARPA Real Estate Michael Artyukhov.

According to, for half a house in a cottage village to look for a in their database of more than 15 thousand people. Most Viewed had "Alpine hutorka" (Bilogorodka), Balaton Village (Petrivtsi) and New Aleksandrovka (Bezuglovke).

Dollar prices in the cottage, on average fell by 17% over the year. The median price per square last year was $ 803, now - $ 669. However, one-third fell and the average area of ​​the exhibited objects: from 207 sq.m. to 174 sq.m.

Since the beginning of the crisis, said Artyukhov, prices sagged even doubled. "For example, the value of the house is 300 square meters. m to 15 acres of land near Kiev three years fell from $ 300-350 thousand to $ 150-180 thousand, "-.. said the expert. At the stage of "box" house you can buy for $ 400-500 / sq., But "turnkey" prices twice.

The most popular format is now considered economical. "Under the house, less land, greater energy efficiency, maximum autonomy of the networks. Previously considered to be a minimum of 15-20 acres for the cottages, now - is 6-12 acres. In the case of townhouses - and at 1,5-2 weave "- says Artyukhov. At the same time sold townhouses on the market suburban housing - units are more difficult to buy than detached houses.

Finish building the client

Cottages are now sold in 129 towns, reported The lion's share of these complexes are located 10-20 km from the city. But you can find the options in Kyiv: in the database 15 metropolitan complexes positioned as cottage villages. Half of them have already been put into operation, and the second is built. Prices for cottages in the capital - from 10.6 thousand UAH / sq.. in construction in the area Goloseyevsky "Bulgarian project" to 83.4 thousand. UAH / sq.m. in the town house on the street. Zemlyansky 9-9a.

Most of the cottage settlements, according to commercial director Andrew Mima, located in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area, where they were 61. The most popular format - individual cottages, they offer 66 complexes. Townhouses have a part of 50 villages, a dozen - duplexes. An overwhelming number of offers - 63 village - economy class, 31 projects - business class, as a comfort-class exhibit 22 of the village.

Finished houses are sold in 64 complexes, and the rest are under construction. And the promise to hand over 50 houses in operation later this year, and two - in the next. "In fact, the market of cottage settlements and has not departed after the 2008 crisis. Most of the projects started in 2006-2008, and is now just finish building the house for the customers ", - said Kostecki. "Fozzy Group" repeatedly increased its net profit

I agree with him and Michael Artyukhov, according to whom three years ago showed activity about 60 cottage towns in the suburbs of the capital.

"Now those hardly typed a half or two dozen. But as soon as Ukraine will be effective demand in this segment, we immediately see a shortage, "- he said.

The most common scheme of development of cottage villages - the sale of land plus construction contract. On the plot are building a few show houses (various options available from the "range"). The buyer chooses a finished building or site and project that to him for building a house.

This option is cheaper than the purchase of land and construction of their project. "Village Council will not sell less than 50 acres, and the more he realizes hectares of land. "Wholesale" price - a thousand dollars for a hundred, but why do you need a hectare, to build a house? Developer cuts and sells a large portion of 5-10 acres, however, already at the price of 2-2.5 thousand dollars ", - explained the expert realty company Best & Seller Irina Lukhanin.

If a customer orders the construction of the developer, it is very often offer "land for free," meaning it pays only for the construction of the house. The most popular materials for the walls of this year - a brick, gazoblok, keramoblok. According to the observations Artyukhov, more willing to buy ready-made houses, but the market more offers to purchase plots with projects.

The key point in the decision for most buyers is accessibility. "Pluta, Hodosovka, Romankiw, Vita-Mail - 25 minutes on the bus and you are near the metro station. Plus, a good social infrastructure in the near to the town of the village - it is much appreciated ", - says Lukhanin.

Sergey Kostecki said that none of the promises of the developers of cottage settlements on the establishment of a separate social infrastructure, in particular kindergartens and schools, and have not been fulfilled. "It's just PR, construction of a school, even a cottage village of a hundred houses impractical", - he explained.
Elite values ​​the safety and design

Buyers of homes in the elite cottage villages other requirements: double protection, and design improvements.

"For business-class security is important, and they choose such sites, where in addition to the general protection and can arrange private, with a high fence around the estate, video surveillance, guard booth," - said Lukhanin.
And in the design, according to her observations, today demand modern style.

"House, where repairs have been made thoughtfully and expensive materials, not dropped during the crisis. And there are even some who exhibited this year 10% more expensive than last year, probably, their owners know something about our bright future ", - says Lukhanin.

But on the whole situation with great pompous houses in cottage settlements are not so good. "The owners of large houses are increasingly considering their options for reconstruction to reduce the space and selling furniture" turnkey "or rental. In the absence of effective demand - as another in a different way to get to work assets "- commented Michael Artyukhov.
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