Buyers are in no hurry to return to the market town real estate

26.05.2011 09:35
Real Estate Market Analysis | Buyers are in no hurry to return to the market town real estate Investors are in no hurry to return to the suburban real estate market of Ukraine. Pre-crisis wave of investment activity took place, and the new - not yet formed. To such conclusion experts of consulting company "RealEkspo.

According to the director Victor Kovalenko, now an investment demand for the country market remains minimal and not exceed 3% of the total number of buyers.

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Passivity on the part of investors can be explained by two reasons. First, significantly fewer of the potential investors. People are just recovering from the financial crisis and not managed to accumulate a sufficient amount of funds that could invest in a suburban real estate market.

Secondly, those who have the means, do not consider country real estate as an effective investment tool. Now the market town real estate is growing slowly enough: there are new mini-towns with no facilities infras truktury, plots without a contract. According to experts of the "RealEkspo" since the beginning of the year in the Ukrainian average price of 1 square meter in the cottage fell by 2.95% and cottage settlements of the Kiev region, at 4.17%.

Now the investor is not possible to make a quick profit in a growing suburban market, as it could be done before the crisis.

"It is worth noting that the unique facility will continue to be in demand by investors as the price of a" product "will grow faster than massive objects. Therefore the majority of purchases, which are on the suburban real estate market with investment goals are just there, "- says Victor Kovalenko.

Victor Kovalenko

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