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24.12.2010 19:45
Real Estate Market Analysis | Bottom line  The company Penny Lane Realty-leading operator of residential and commercial property - held a press lunch at the restaurant on Znamenka "dedicated to year-end market residential and suburban real estate.

The company Penny Lane Realty - leading operator of residential and commercial property - held a press lunch in the restaurant on Znamenka "dedicated to year-end market residential and commercial property.

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Press lunch began with a presentation by Alexander Zima, Director of Sales real estate Penny Lane Realty, on the theme: "Markets in the markets" or one year in the life of luxury real estate. According to Alexander Zima, the development of capital market elitki shows that a number of ways we are approaching a civilized market of real estate in Western countries. In particular, the 2010 real estate market finally emerged "markets in the markets" - closed systems with their target audience, the dynamics of supply and demand, and pricing laws. Classic examples of "markets in the markets" - the apartments to the palace interiors, apartments and lofts. "The market for apartments in the prestigious 1990" palace "interior contracts in the future will remain only a few suggestions - says Aleksander Zima. - The market apartments, by contrast, is expanding. In the near future apartments will become popular not only legal but also from individuals. Market loft while represented by single sentences, but there are prerequisites for further expansion over the next 3-5 years. "

Dmitry Tsvetkov, director of the suburban real estate Penny Lane Realty, spoke on "The Renaissance of the secondary housing market, or" golden "secondary housing. Primary property lost supremacy. Irrevocably it? ". In his speech he spoke about the stagnation of the primary real estate on the country market. According to Dmitri, in 2010, a modern high-quality real estate in the secondary market has become the most popular products to the buyer. "The current situation - rather, it is not a victory for the secondary, and" failure "of the primary market, where there are no objects that can" touch "- says Mr. Tsvetkov. - Stagnation of the primary suburban real estate market due to the fact that the new high-quality projects to do, they fail to build. Most of the existing settlements require further investment: it's just the sites or sites with contract. "

Completed a press lunch presentation CEO Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurova. "Gradually the market is accustomed to new working conditions, a number of developers were able to virtually get rid of difficult debts, including Doronin (Capital Group), Dobashin (Krost) Timerbulatov (Conti), Kozlowski (Incom), Kovalev (Eco-Office) - said George Dzagurov. - A number of companies are largely controlled by its creditors, for example: Sistema Hals, Don Story, and others. Telling trend: the development market on the rise are semi-public companies with significant share of public procurement in the portfolio of the projects supported by the largest banks (Sberbank, VEB, VTB, Gazprombank). Problems experienced close to Luzhkov's team of the company, primarily Inteko. Some of them in the presence of support have already demonstrated the negative prospect, for example, Math.

According to George, rapidly increased market share in these Realtors, as NDV (promised in 2011 to sell a million square meters), Penny Lane Realty. Many smaller firms left the market. Global brands such as Colliers, JLL, Cushman withstand competition due to foreign orders and existing strengths, although compared with the first half of 2008 have significantly reduced staff. Operators of the market as a realtor and construction rallied more often to meet, work together to solve their problems. That lower bar, which fell to individual developers and owners, has a tendency to increase. That is, the segment in which transactions are carried out most efficiently, showing an increase.

"Gradually, with the most liquid market are washed, often ready to move-in facility - said George Dzagurov. - New construction slowed down, which will lead us in 2011 to higher prices. In this case, it was in 2010 became a turning point with the view that objects and their prospects are measurable, some site and projects we have today appreciate as interesting in terms of investment. Our portfolio is constantly up to seven sites that we recommend to buy. Judging by the claimed today (previously hushed up) figures, we can already draw a conclusion about the extremely high cost, when the customer is the city or the feds. An example can be made public figures on the costs of such projects as the third ring road and the hotel Moskva.

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