Autumn jump in housing prices in the regions is over, and it began

03.11.2010 14:30
Autumn jump in housing prices in the regions is over, and it began It seems that the long-awaited second home sellers seasonal autumn price spike has ended, so it began. In October, the secondary market price of housing has not changed significantly.

In this case, cheaper per square meter occurred to a greater extent and in more cities than higher prices.

In October, the spread in price movements turned out to be even smaller than in the first month of autumn. So, if in September the maximum increase in the price per square meter by 3%, while the largest decline - 1.7% in October, these parameters were found to be +2% and -4% respectively.

Thus, predicted by many experts "jump" in housing prices actually more like "an oscillatory motion about zero, when a small price increase in one month immediately offset by a decline in the next month.

Specialists portal for real estate "World Apartment" noted that in October, the overall trend was still directed mostly downward. So, in September in 80% of the surveyed cities "square" is still went up, but fell only 20%. In the past month, - on the contrary - the growth showed only 12 out of 27 cities, and as the price per square meter and an average value of the apartment.

In addition, the maximum increase in prices in September, as already stated, was 3%, while the largest decline - 1.7%. In October the same maximum increase in prices was twice smaller than the maximum reduction.

Housing prices falling in the regions more than grow.

Among the regions, where apartment prices rose in October, released Ulyanovsk. Here, the sellers have been asking for their apartments by an average of 3,1% more, and the average selling price will be higher than 1,7 million rubles.

In other cities the price increase did not exceed 2%. In Omsk, where the average price of the object in the secondary market increased by 1,6%, shoppers compared with October "lost" 38,000 rubles, which became an overnight closer to Moscow, Tyumen - 30 000 rubles (1.1%). In other cities the price of apartments rose by no more than 1%.

Decline in prices was more widespread and more essential. In Yaroslavl, Izhevsk, and it proved to be more than 4% in Barnaul, Bryansk - 3,1%, in Samara, Ivanovo, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg - from 2 to 3%.

"Thus, the question of raising prices in the secondary housing market in general is not, - says Director of Development portal WORLD APARTMENTS Viktor Schebletsov. - Rather, it is possible to speak about the ongoing post-crisis stabilization: after all, lower prices are also quite arbitrary and in many cities is a correction of the September increase. And the situation is common in equal measure for megacities, as well as smaller cities with a population of half a million or less. "

Metropolitan housing is also cheaper.

Perturbations with the removal and appointment of mayors of Moscow, in fact, had no effect on the secondary market. That, in general, it is logical: the prices on the secondary market - the only market category, but people continued to solve their housing problems, despite the change of mayor.

Price fluctuations in both Moscow and St. Petersburg proved to be very unimportant average price of apartments in the two capitals in October declined. In Moscow - 1,7%, in St. Petersburg - on 2,2%. As a result, the Moscow apartment is offered for an average of almost 12.6 million rubles, while St. Petersburg - half - roughly 6.3 million.

On the one hand such a huge difference in housing prices between the two major cities was mainly a consequence of a similar difference in price per square meter: 82 970 rubles in St. Petersburg, 167753 Moscow. The price per square meter in the northern capital also fell - by 0.5%, but to the Ancient increased by 1,1%.

It should be added that Moscow is still the only city where the cost per square meter than 100 thousand rubles.

A small apartment - Expensive.

In October, you can still be observed rise in prices of small apartments. So, in 60% of the studied cities according to the portal WORLD APARTMENTS "price for studio apartments rose.

The growth in prices in some cases has been very impressive. So, in Kazan, the average cost of one-bedroom apartments for October rose by 7%, and in Kursk odnushki "went up by as much as 9,3%. As a result of the Kursk-room apartment now have to pay an average of 122,000 rubles more for housing in this city is not enough. After all, at an average price per square meter to 29 thousand rubles, buyers 'lost' 4 square meters.

In this case, three-, four-and more still a bit cheaper. So, in Kazan, the average price of large apartments dropped by 2.6%, while in the same town - on 2,2%.

"We continue to observe the process, which was celebrated before, - said Victor Schebletsov. - One-bedroom apartments - the hottest on the market" goods. "Indeed, the absolute value of a small apartment on forces far greater number of buyers, and even when traveling it is" odnushki "enjoy demand in most cases. Three is much more difficult to sell. This is confirmed by timing the exposure, which for multi-room apartments are generally higher than for the studios. "

In the capital, one-bedroom apartments are also continuing to rise in price, and three-room and multiroom - cheaper. However, the scatter here is rather modest: 1.3% -0.7% one-bedroom and two bedroom.

However, if we take into account the capital cost per square meter, even these modest percentages added to buyers of small apartments cost an average of 80 thousand rubles, and three-enabled customers to save about 110 thousand rubles.

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