At the town market in Belarus - no change

12.05.2011 07:28
Real Estate Market Analysis | At the town market in Belarus - no change With the onset of spring in the town market of Minsk has not yet been a noticeable recovery. There are still more observers than buyers. After about 20 to 30 percent drop in the price of suburban real estate in the crisis year of 2009 prices, in principle, no longer falling and not rising. And while no major reason for their change is not visible.

Suburban real estate salespeople are waiting for the spring market recovery in the hope to sell their items. Anyone who does not want to go to lower prices fall, so until now not been able to sell your property. Of course, we can not say that the market did not have deals. They always have. But there is one activity of the excitement that has characterized the market for a country which has a three year ago. When there was a boom and summer cottages, and homes in villages and areas ...

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To date, at the town market, there are about 4 different sites tys.predlozheny suburban real estate. While on the housing market offered some of Minsk about 6.5 thousand flats. Today, therefore, suburban real estate market is comparable to the capital market flats. But unlike the flats on a suburban market, there are objects that are not sold for years. And here there are 2 main reasons - whether the objects for sale at too high prices, whether the sellers are unwilling to lower their prices.

At the same time, told Vladimir Chernushevich, director of the specialized real estate agency "Country House", with the coming of spring, its agents is not seen in the office, and are increasingly present in the shows of objects. And where the price of the object corresponds to the quality of the structure, and most importantly, the buyer has a need to buy Country real estate, there's a deal.

But the preferences people have very different: someone more interested in land with conservation, that is to your taste and availability of money finish the object, someone more interested in ready-made houses. Therefore, to call any average sales price of objects is not possible. It all depends on the location of the object, the prestige areas, build quality, engineering services and other factors.

For its part, the head of the country real estate real estate agency "Housing Problem" Vladimir Kravets noted that, according to specialists of the real estate company, still the greatest demand among customers currently use land in settlements located in the most friendly from an environmental point of view areas, in prestigious locations, near water bodies, which are purchased for the construction of houses for the summer holidays. In principle, said department head, in prestigious locations, land prices are not falling, and free land there.

For example, currently in Hatezhino (Minsk district, Hatezhinsky village council) is very much available land in need of better living conditions for citizens. At the same time in places where there are no communications, land prices vary within the order of 15-17 thousand U.S. dollars. But the plots of 10 acres, located near the forest, with all communications, are sold to 30 thousand U.S. dollars. To 30 thousand U.S. dollars sold, for example, and lands in Nalibogskoy forest, although located 70 km from the capital and, except for electricity, have no other communications. But a prestigious location, the location of sites near rivers, forests do not reduce their cost. But in Kolodishchi at the former military training ground, where there is no communication, despite the close location of the stations of the capital, they are not as in demand, so do not enjoy now. That is, said Vladimir Kravets, the location of the site, kudos to the direction of playing a key role in setting prices for land. And if you can rebuild a house, build on, tune, that place is not to rebuild, expressed his point of view of a specialist.

At the same time, said Nicola Prostolupov, director of real estate agency BelTsTN, the minimum price at which one can buy a suburban real estate, are about 3-5 thousand U.S. dollars. This is the cheapest segment of suburban real estate market, which are houses in the villages, on farms distant from the capital city 100 kilometers or more. Similar facilities in the market is not much, but they are.

Within a radius of 30-50 km from Minsk houses can be bought for 15-30 thousand U.S. dollars. But as more intimate areas of the city, then you can find homes for 50-100 thousand U.S. dollars, a 5-10-km zone - from 80 to 150 thousand U.S. dollars. But all of these prices, said N. Prostolupov, typical for low-cost suburban property. As for the more expensive segment of the market, there are proposals and 500, and 700, and 1000, and 1500 thousand U.S. dollars.

According to V. Chernushevich, currently expensive homes, as before, are sold for very long and very difficult - from one to two years. Many sellers can not possibly accept the idea that in the last two years of expensive homes have fallen in price by about 100-200 thousand U.S. dollars.

The House - an exclusive building, and it must find a buyer. One dealer, who urgently needs no money, "holds" the price and, eventually, selling at a price that suits him. But there are many examples where the owner of the expensive real estate is to reduce prices, but sell the object is still a very long time can not ", - said Vladimir Kravets. For example, in the Academy "Housing Problem" was put up for sale on a house in Tarasovo price of 350 thousand U.S. dollars. Now its price reduced to 180 thousand U.S. dollars. However, despite this, the house has not yet been sold, although past 3 years, said Head of the real estate company. In some areas, home prices fell by 20-30-50 percent, but still not for sale. At the same time, every seller wants to sell its real estate is not for nothing, but at least for the money that was invested in construction.

Given that in recent years both online and in print a lot of objects stated in the sale of a cottage village near Minsk, we asked market experts, there is a demand for houses in these townships organized? As the director of real estate agency BelTsTN N. Prostolupov until cottage villages in great demand not in use. Real estate company BelTsTN "for about the last 8 years has provided various services to developers of cottage five villages - in the form of consultations and analysis of the real estate market and other services. So four of the five developers have not begun construction, and this despite the fact that the land they have already been granted. According to N. Prostolupova, the biggest problem facing today developers cottage settlements is supplied to the villages of central communications. Because the cottage settlements are often located in the field and at a considerable distance from settlements, the laying of communication costs to developers are very expensive, which in turn leads to a significant rise in the cost of construction cost.

In this case, B. Chernushevich added that the cottage settlements for Minsk - a new product. Therefore, the majority of buyers just eyeing it, collects and analyzes information, but does not make purchases. In addition, potential buyers want to be sure that the village will be completed, which to him will be laid all communications, built good roads. And yet there is no such certainty, then dare to such a purchase difficult, added the director of real estate agency.

As director of the Academy of Sciences "Country House" in recent years a significant impact on the situation in the suburban real estate market has had a massive allocation of land in need of better housing conditions for citizens. Now a huge amount of land is resold by those who have no money to begin construction. But given that there are already many examples of withdrawal of land from those who do not promptly began to build, including in the Minsk region, there is a category of citizens who are actively beginning to develop its land holdings.

Of the same opinion and Head of the Academy of Sciences "Housing Problem" by V. Kravets. According to him, the massive allocation of land by the decree № 68 just broke down suburban real estate market. Today, there are cases of purchase of land at the lowest price, where, for example, before weaving the land was worth at least 5 thousand U.S. dollars.

Paradoxically, but market specialists note that recently the situation in the country market has affected ordinary automobile boom. And the money that is invested today in buying a car, could go to purchase real estate.

"Interest in the suburban real estate may appear at any moment. People have money, but they are waiting for something. Earlier this year, expected devaluation of the Belarusian ruble, which has not happened. Now all concerned about the shortage of foreign currency and wait what will happen next. Many are investing in new cars in anticipation of increasing customs duties on imported cars. Well, real estate left by the wayside. And those who do not have a strong need for its acquisition, now prefer to wait an indefinite time. - Said Vladimir Kravets. - Now there is some kind of lull, just the same as before the storm. People are cautious. But we hope that soon things will change for the better. "

In this situation the only hope for the best, the winds of change, as well as the fact that "there will still be, southern vetep another blow and spring still nakolduyet.
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