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Real Estate Market Analysis | Aside Obukhov: play in small towns in the rich Obukhov direction is the most prestigious area of suburban development on the outskirts of Kiev. There are more than one third of all cottage townships around the capital, including under construction. In addition, this area is also the most developed in terms of construction of individual villas and mansions.

According to leading analyst of the corporation "Golden Gate" Igor Orioles, areas such as Concha Zaspa and dams, have always been the traditional location of the suburban villas of the elite of Kiev. In the construction of cottage towns here and bought the place the wealthy. This fact for the past five to seven years to actively influence the broad development of entertainment, service and trade-related infrastructure along all major routes Obukhov district.

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Here today operate numerous restaurants, clubs, mini-hotels that are located along the Metropolitan of Dnipropetrovsk and highways, as well as the surrounding areas. For example, in the village of Gold Zatoka, located at the dam, already constructed a large shopping and entertainment and sports center, as well as an entire system of 5-star service, which will be able to cover all the surrounding villages of Concha Zaspa to Ukrainka.

"A key element of positioning settlements Obukhov direction is that it is initially the resort and recreation area. In addition, an important factor influencing the development of suburban development in this direction is that it is not just a resort and recreation area, and an elite resort and recreation area with convenient transport accessibility. This is the only direction from which to get into the business part of Kiev is possible in 20 minutes "- says Igor Ivolga.

According to the director of marketing company SV Development, Vladimir Stepenko, Obukhov trend today is the most advanced and prestigious. This is not only well-developed infrastructure of access roads, excellent species and ecological characteristics of sites (near the forest, the Dnieper River, Kozynka), but, of course, historically the "elite" area (here, home to many high-ranking officials, MPs, prominent businessmen) . By the number of built cottage villages and infrastructure area occupies the first place. Every year the free areas are fewer and fewer, and therefore gained wide popularity aggradation of sand from the Dnieper River, followed by construction at the site of modern cottage communities.

Such favorable characteristics in common areas, experts say, have caused a large number of cottage townships, which are already built and successfully operated, and constructed and designed. To date, the Obukhov direction more than 40 cottage villages at different stages of implementation, of which 15 villages have already been constructed, 15 are constructed and sold more than 10 - are at the design stage.

In Concha Zaspa and Cozine born the first cottage complexes of closed type with a complete set of infrastructure. Constructed from experts isolated villages "Golden Gate", "Albatross", "Klim", "Soubi," Baltika "," Zaragoza "and others.

As for the built and sold small towns, then, according to experts corporation "Golden Gate" that are "pioneers" Obukhov direction at the moment, in the absence of an approved classification of objects of suburban real estate, the standard is the following classification according to which the sold objects of such classes:

• De Luxe (cottages farmsteads with houses adjoining the site over 40 acres, the meter total ownership of more than 800 square meters. M, the total cost in excess of $ 3.5 million, the maximum retail and entertainment and sports facilities and a wide range of services in the cottage);

• Premium (cottages, with houses adjoining the site of 30-40 acres, the total metric area of ??600-800 sq homeownership. M, the total price tag of $ 2.5 to $ 3.5 million, a saturated retail and entertainment and sports facilities and cottage community service);

• Business (cottages with houses adjoining the site of 10-30 acres, the total metric area of ??300-600 sq homeownership. M, the total price of $ 700 thousand to $ 2.5 million, a shopping and entertainment and sports facilities and cottage community service);

• Economy (cottages with houses adjoining the site of 5-10 acres, the total metric area of ??150-300 sq homeownership. M, the total price tag of $ 250 to $ 700 thousand, the lowest retail and entertainment and sports infrastructure and service villa community).

There is also a separate group of classes, for various reasons do not fall into one of the offered classes, but are not separate classes. These include:

- Townhouses;

- Duplexes;

- Cottages and villas chaotic building.

Specialists Corporation Golden Gate noted that since now only developed a classification system of cottage settlements, refer them to a particular classification is difficult and the alleged class settlements are determined by the sellers.

The main built

According to experts of the corporation "Golden Gate", you should pay attention to the following towns built in the Obukhov direction.

Village "Gold Zatoka, which is located on the right bank of the picturesque Dnieper River, 35 km from the center of Kiev, on the south by Staroobuhovskomu highway in the land of the village Kozin. "Gold Zatoka is positioned as a class de luxe. At 61 hectares plan to build 122 homeownership: 65 villas, 41 cottages connected by a "parent" quarter and 16 - in "Youth." Area of ??plots of 28 to 83 hectare. The area of ??home ownership - from 590 to 1200 square meters. m. All sites have access to the Dnieper River, also in the settlement paved the channel with two bridges (each site can have a marina).

The settlement provided for the functioning of a major shopping and sports centers and regional landscape park. Social infrastructure will be complemented by sports and children's clubs, yacht clubs and health and wellness center. It is also planned to arrange a botanical garden. Homes will be sold for finishing, and the first settlers move into 2009.

Village "Konyk," according to planning the structure of the master plan, part of the district № 121 Chapaevka residential area. From the south-western side the area adjacent to the Metropolitan Highway to the north and east sides - the bay is limited to the Dnieper River and the Gulf Konyk River Vita.

Distance from the center of Kiev - 16 km. Nearest metro station - VYDUBYCHI. The total area of ??the village - 11,7 ha. The area of ??home ownership - from 360 to 510 square meters. m. The size of each plot of 10 hectare. The total number of semi-detached and detached houses - 58.

Alpine Village "Hills" - the second phase of building the cottage settlement "Golden Gate". 8 km from the KP Novoobuhovskoy track, pos. Podgortsy. Unlike the famous "Golden Gate" in Koncha Zaspa, this town is positioned as a builder of cottage business class. At the moment, continues to implement the cottages. This title shall draft architectural style chalet, which is being built cottage. The village is situated in a valley near a lake, surrounded by forests and hills, and consists of 20 cottages ranging from 438 to 523 square meters. m with land 20-30 acres, seven of which went to the lake. Buyers can choose one of four projects of homes: Salzburg, Semering, Karvarra or Cortina D'Ampezzo. All houses are two-story, each has access to an open or a covered summer terrace and a garage for one or two cars.


Comfortable living in the village is provided by the introduction of modern systems of communication:

• Centralized electricity and gas;

• Two own artesian wells up to 200 m (Jurassic);

• a centralized sewerage system;

• proper treatment facilities;

• centralized telecommunications system (Kiev telephone numbers, cable TV, Internet);

Homes are available without finishing. End of construction of the first houses is planned for 2008. Since the "Alpine Village" - the second part of an existing settlement, the buyers immediately after the housewarming party will be able to use the existing infrastructure.

Settlement Bosco Village. Obukhov district Novoobuhovskaya highway, 12 km from the Kiev. The town covers an area of ??3.5 ha. The area of ??land - 13-23 hectare. The area of ??home ownership - from 360 to 690 square meters. m. The number of households - 15. Private housing office, a three-tier security system. Homes are offered for finishing or "turnkey". Social infrastructure: a fountain, a gazebo over the lake, playground, park.

Village "Concha Zaspa», De Vision. Obukhov district Novoobuhovskaya highway, 25 km from the city limits. The total area of ??the town - 400 hectares, the area of ??land -13-100 hectare. The area houses - from 269 to 1200 sq. m. The number of households - 1000. Three-tier security system. Homes offered for final finishing. Social infrastructure: supermarket, shopping mall, club, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs, sports facilities, consumer services, post office, the notary, bank, medical center, a kindergarten and a school. On campus will be built church, planned children's playground, park, promenade and parking for guests. Also on the island area of ??more than 25 hectares will be located the yacht club. Planned to build a golf course on the international level 18 hole area of ??100 hectares. On the territory of the golf club will be built five-star hotel with a sports complex that includes indoor 25-meter swimming pool and spa area.

Village "Albatross + townhouses. Obukhov district Obukhovskaya highway, 12 km from the CP and 3 km from the big dam. The total area of ??the town - 7 hectares. The area of ??land - 25-30 hectare (areas with cottages), 30 hectare (4 townhouse apartments). The area houses - from 300 to 700 square meters. m flats - 500-700 sq. m. A total of 18 cottages, 3 of 4 townhouse apartments. Three-tier security system at home are offered on a turnkey basis.

Cottage settlement Dniprova Hvylya. Obukhov district Obukhovskaya highway, 14 km from the CP. The total area of ??the town - 33 ha. Area of ??land plots - 18-130 hectare. The area of ??home ownership - from 235 to 750 square meters. m. The number of households - 80. Three-tier security system at home are offered on a turnkey basis. Social infrastructure: two tennis courts, restaurant and parking.

Cottage settlement Dubravnik. Obukhov district Novoobuhovskaya highway, 10 km from the CP. The total area of ??the town - 3,5 hectares. The area of ??land - 20-25 hectare. The area of ??home ownership - from 300 to 400 square meters. m. The number of households - 14. All sold. Three-tier security system. Homes are offered on a turnkey basis.

Cottage settlement "Green Guy". Obukhov district Novoobuhovskaya trail, 5 km from the CP. The total area of ??the town - 3,5 hectares. The area of ??land - 10-15 hectare.

Area cottage - 300-400 square meters. m flats - 220-250 sq. m. The number of households - 15 cottages and 6 townhouses. The territory is fenced around the perimeter and guarded round the clock professional security service. Homes are offered for final finishing.

Cottage settlement "that Seven Seven." Obukhov district Obukhovskaya highway, 17 km from the manual, 6 km from the big dam. The total area of ??the town - 7,7 hectares. Area of ??land plots - 50-110 hectare. The area of ??home ownership - from 820 to 1200 square meters. m. The number of households - 10. Three-tier security system.

Cottage settlement "Solar Valley". Obukhov district Novoobuhovskaya highway, 16 km from the CP, pp. Romankiv (project implementing company (INCONS). On the 45 hectares of land will be built 150 houses (designed 12 projects) area of ??239-732 square meters. Some of them will be adjacent to the forest, part - located on the shore of the lake and have their own access to water . All cottages are brick, two-story, with built-in garage, sauna and household premises. Land - 10,4-42 weave. The area is fenced around the perimeter and guarded round the clock professional security service. Social infrastructure: a fitness center with gym and fitness rooms, swimming pool (25m), phyto-bar, spa-area, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, a mini-soccer, playgrounds, medical facility, a special game room, a cozy restaurant with a splendid view of the forest and lake, a place for barbecue and fishing.

The first phase of the village (65 houses) will be commissioned in March 2009, of which free market has remained about half of the cottages. Fully campus will be completed by December 2009. With the first stage will be commissioned and part of the infrastructure: a sports center with swimming pool, gym and fitness rooms, a restaurant and a supermarket. Later be built kindergarten, primary school, tennis courts and a church.

Cottage village "Pine Forest". Obukhov district Obukhovskaya highway, 33 km from Kiev (the general contractor - JSC "Kyiv mobile mechanized column number 2"). The town is surrounded by a landscape reserve "Obukhov, close to the river Kozynka, the total area of ??84 hectares of the town. Area of ??land plots 15-65 hectare. The area houses of 350 square meters. m, townhouses from 450 to 600 square meters. m. apartment in the club club house from 140 to 400 square meters. m. The fundamental difference "pine forest" from the other cottage villages is that there are not ready to sell the house, and for each client on an individual project within a year built cottage. In the town there are no two identical houses. In this case, the concept of cottage provides maximum conservation of the pine forest (age pines 50-60 years) and the erection of a cottage not more than two floors.

Number of households 38 cottages, four-level townhouses for 6 apartments and 2 apartments, with the owner of each apartment in the townhouse has a separate yard 0,08-0,14 ha. Put into operation a 3-storey club house at 9 exclusive apartments "Triumph". In 2007 was laid two new club mansions "Prestige" and "Olympus" on campus "Elite" (26-29 flats) and a club house "Glamour" (20 apartments) on campus "Youth". Internal infrastructure of houses will include underground and guest parking, swimming pool, gyms, spa-centers, fitness bars, pharmacies, shops. In "Pine forest" plan to build a shopping center, fitness center, Lyceum House, children's art, shops, beauty salons. Restaurant, hotel, bank and TI already in operation. Ongoing hour security village, working burglar alarm. Protection and maintenance of the town provided by the company "Trade-Garant.

Cottage town Greenfield. Located 32 km from Kiev on Novoobuhovskoy route (p. Pershe Travnia), amidst the picturesque rolling hills. On the area of ??20 hectares, which is adjacent to the 160 hectares of deciduous forest, planned the construction of 65 comfortable cottages of 204-285 square meters. m with garden plots 18 - 20 ares, 62 townhouses area 150-180 square meters. m sections of 6 hectare. On the territory of townhouses provide pools. Elements of infrastructure: the shop, clinic, pharmacy, children's and sports grounds. ATM will be installed. Safety of residents in the village will provide round the clock professional security service. Their own housing office. Transport links: regular shuttle buses to Kiev and Obukhov, a school bus with escort. Estimated cost: $ 1000-1400 per square meter. m, the amount includes the cost of the site.

Cottage town "Greenwich Hill. Located at a distance of 7 km from Kiev on Novoobuhovskoy track. On the area of ??18 hectares is planned to build 98 houses with garden plots 12-15 hectare. Start Project - Summer 2008 price - from $ 2,650 per square meter. m

Creation and development projects "Greenfield" and "Greenwich Hill is engaged LLC Ukrzernoprom-Invest" - a professional company-developer, which account for a number of successful projects in commercial real estate.

At 24 km from Kiev, near to. Plyutov, continuing construction of cottage "Plyutovo. You can reach him at Staroobuhovskoy as well as on Novoobuhovskoy routes. The project developer - the company's "Avatar" - has positioned the project as a premium-class town. Homes here will be 19. The village is located in a pine forest, and in each area are growing conifers.

For the village has developed three model homes project: Optimum - cottage with total area of ??290 square meters. m on a plot of 16 ares; Medium - 350 square. m on a plot of 18 hectare and Premium - house area of ??430 square meters. m on a plot of up to 20 hectare. All the houses are brick, two-story, each has a covered terrace and a garage for one or two cars. All cottages are available without trim. Completion of construction of the village is planned for the IV quarter of 2008.

According to the project, a community center of the village will include a swimming pool with a special area for children, gym, massage, medical center. On campus will also appear playgrounds and parking for guests.

At 28 km from the center of Kiev ZAO Kievguma "together with" Ukrinformservis "erecting a country family resort" French Town ".The village will be built rather large houses, three types of housing. Corpus of the first type (A) - is a stand-alone two-storey house of 580 square meters. m. The body of the second type (B) is actually two houses connected by a passage, their total area - 467 square meters. m. Shells of the third type (C and D) represent the three-storey townhouses - semi-detached houses from 371 square meters. m. However, the land for such houses are very small - from 5 to 20 hectare.

Single family house to buy is no longer in sale were only townhouses. It should also be noted that the establishment of land development company is not engaged. Therefore, the buyer will have to decide issues of renting or buying a site with local authorities. Pass the town plan by autumn 2008. Then we construct the basic infrastructure: the school (if it would operate and kindergarten), a shop and a pharmacy. To date, nearly finished building a fitness center, which will be a game and fitness rooms, cafe and medical center. In addition, the town is planned to equip two tennis courts.

A buyer who?

According to leading analyst of the corporation "Golden Gate" Igor Orioles, given the high cost of land in the direction of the Obukhov, the proportion of settlements premium and de luxe, attributable to this trend, much higher than the others. A similar trend is evident in the price positioning of settlements Obukhov directions: the minimum value of the house here begins with a mark of $ 508 thousand, and townhouses - from $ 288 thousand, while the average value of the mark in the range of $ 1-2 million

"In this regard, potential customers of such settlements are owners of large and medium sized businesses, executives of large companies, government officials and policies of higher rank to the level of annual income of not less than $ 400 thousand a year. Typically, they already have an apartment in Kiev, and the purchase of country real estate is their second or even third housing "- says Igor Ivolga.

Specialists also note that an important generator of growth factor in consumer demand for cottage property in Ukraine is an indicator of growth in the value of apartments in the primary and secondary markets for residential real estate. "As housing prices elites and premium categories in apartment buildings, is projected to continue to slow growth, the buyer will increasingly favor-town housing, treating it not as a country house, namely as a place of residence" - note in the corporation "Golden Gate".

In addition, according to analysts, the growth of suburban housing market today, affect depreciation of existing urban infrastructure. Given all this, a growing number of wealthy people willing to move away from the noisy and polluted megacities.

According to Vladimir Stepenko portrait of a potential buyer of a cottage in the Obukhov direction today as follows: it is predominantly a family (from 3 people. And more) with a high level of income (from $ 15 thousand per month and above), social status - top officials , top managers of large companies, owners of medium and large businesses, famous artists and athletes.

According to its own research corporation "Golden Gate", as confirmed by opinions of outside experts, the greatest demand now in the direction of the Obukhov use objects suburban property in the price category up to $ 400 thousand with the possibility of mortgage lending, as well as objects worth more than $ 1 million, claiming exclusivity.

"Of the total effective demand for primary urban real estate 40-50% of buyers considering purchasing a holiday home, while 20-25% will try to do it in the near future - say in the corporation.

According to its experts, the priority factors influencing the decision to purchase homes, are:

• competition options for meeting needs (between urban real estate and country house);

• acquisition of suburban real estate as the definition of the status and further improve the quality of life.

The motivation effective demand:

• improving housing conditions;

• changing the format and quality of housing conditions;

• acquisition of a second, holiday, holiday home in nature;

• acquisition of social status;

• investments in order to preserve the purchasing power of money, investment to lease is in its infancy because of poor segmental market and small period of its existence.

Talking about the near future, experts corporation "Golden Gate" note that since, on the one hand, the demand for suburban property Obukhov direction is quite high, but on the other - return cottages elite classes is significant, any jump in prices is not expected. It is expected some increase in prices at the level of general inflation. Also, the price level will be influenced by increased construction costs.

"The defining trend in the near part of the Obukhov areas (metropolitan highway, Concha Zaspa, dam) is the lack of land on the primary market. Obviously, in the near future in this part of major new projects will arise. Will end, and possibly expand already announced projects. However, a more active will develop long-range part. It is quite possible large-scale projects with large tracts of land and a large number of households ", - says Igor Ivolga.

In the opinion of Vladimir Stepenko, because for the past few years have seen a boom in the suburban real estate market, many builders are diversifying their portfolio of projects, developing them, not only in Kiev (where all the harder it becomes to work and corruption is rampant), but also in the suburbs. Level of profitability of the project cottage can be from 50 to 200%.

"And Obukhov line is no exception: cottage building in the future there will be actively developed, but not as rapidly as, for example, in Zhytomyr direction (Kiev Svyatoshinsky and Makarov areas).

In connection with the depletion of the proposal on the land market prestigious Obukhov direction Geography construction will gradually change in the direction of not less popular routes. So, recently, private investors are actively interested in is the Zhitomir highway, which is today the leader in number of reported cottages. Construction of large cottage towns with very large residences in the Obukhov direction changes to the construction of houses medium-sized mostly for business-class ", - says Vladimir Stepenko.
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