Asia-Pacific - the world leader in the growth of housing prices

29.10.2010 09:33
Real Estate Market Analysis | Asia-Pacific - the world leader in the growth of housing prices Asia-Pacific region remains a leader in housing prices - a year (second quarter 2009 to second quarter 2010) Real estate here has risen by an average of 14,1%. On this, as reported by RIA Novosti news agency, according to the "Global House Price Index," an international consulting company Knight Frank.

In addition, from a report in the second quarter, 69% of countries have shown a rise in house prices, whereas in the first quarter of positive dynamics was observed in 59% of countries.

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In this case, specify the experts in Asian markets of Singapore, China and Hong Kong (the year the cost of housing here has grown by 37%, 36.8% and 24.9%, respectively) demonstrate the early write the dynamics as compared to India, Indonesia and Japan (3, 8%, 2.9% and minus 4%, respectively).

However, according to the materials of Knight Frank, the leader in more expensive real estate in the second quarter of this year, compared with the first, was Russia, where prices rose by 11,8%. However, for the year of Russia was at 31 place with a figure of 2,2%.

"Special attention is given real estate market in Latvia. In the first quarter 2010, falling prices in the region was 26.3%. More unsatisfactory results showed only Lithuania, Ukraine and Estonia. However, the results of the second quarter of 2010 the country was among the leaders in growth rising to fourth place ranking, "- said the expert, adding that the annual price growth in Latvia was 18,5%.

In fifth place, according to Knight Frank, was in Australia, where housing costs for the year grew by 18,5%. And in last place in the rating of the company - Estonia, where cheaper housing for the year to 31,5%
RIA Novosti
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