Analysis of prices in the secondary residential real estate market in Kiev in January

02.02.2018 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Analysis of prices in the secondary residential real estate market in Kiev in January In January, the average cost of the 1-4-room apartments for sale in Kiev was noted at $ 1,232 / sq. m., relative to December the average price decreased by 0.2%. In the national currency - increased by 2.2%, to 35616 UAH / sq. M. (± 1.1%).

Since January 2017, the average price for housing in Kiev in dollar terms has decreased by 4.2%, in hryvnia - by 0.4%.

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The growth index was 0.96 in dollar terms, 1 in hryvnia.

Prices for cheap / expensive housing

Regarding December, the average offer price of 20% of apartments in the low price segment increased by 1.9% to 19825 UAH / sq.m, in 20% of high - by 2.1% to 62,366 UAH / sq. M. In dollar terms, apartment prices declined: in the "cheap" segment by 0.4%, to $ 686 USD / sq.m, in "expensive" - ​​by 0.2%, to $ 2158 / sq.m.

Index bundle (the ratio of the price of "expensive" housing to "cheap") was 3.15.

For the year, price indicators in the "expensive" segment of housing decreased by 0.6%, and in "cheap" segment - by 1.2%. In dollar terms, apartment prices declined: in the "expensive" segment by 4.3%, in "cheap" - by 5%.

Over the past month in the national currency, an increase in average prices has been recorded in all administrative districts of Kyiv - from 1.2% in Obolonsky to 3% in the Dniprovsky Districts.

In dollar terms, the average price increased in the Dniprovsky district (by 0.6%), in the remaining administrative districts - decreased from 0.04% to 1.1%.

The general situation in the secondary housing market

The number of apartments for sale in January compared to December decreased by 3.2% and amounted to 18,730 apartments. The volume of supply decreased in the total area by 3.3%, in dollar terms - by 3.6%.

The supply of apartments relative to January 2017 decreased by 10.2%. The growth index was 0.9.

The proportion of apartments first put up for sale in the reporting month amounted to 7.5% of the total supply. The average price of "new" apartments in Kiev is 4% lower than in December and is 33,454 UAH / sq. M. m. In dollar terms - cheaper by 6.2%, $ 1158 / sq. m. m.

The median price per square meter of housing for the month decreased by 0.4% to $ 1,053. USD / sq. M., For the year - by 4.9%.

Structure of apartments submitted for sale on the secondary housing market

The structure of the supply of residential property is dominated by apartments located on the right bank - 49%. Apartments located on the Left Bank make up 31% of the total, in the Center of Kiev - 20%.

The decrease in the number of apartments was observed on the Left Bank - by 4.2%, on the Right Bank - by 2.7%, in the Center of Kiev - by 3.1%.

The analysis of the proposal with the division by the number of rooms in general in Kiev shows that in the total volume one-room apartments occupy 27%, two-room apartments - 32%, three-room apartments - 34% and 4-bedroom apartments - 7%.

In comparison with the previous month, the number of one-room apartments fell by 4.3%, two-bedroom apartments - by 3.1%, three-room apartments - by 2.4%, four-room apartments - by 3.6%.

The greatest number of apartments was offered in Darnytskyi district - 15%. In Holosiivsky - 14%, Pechersk - 13%, in Dneprovsky and Shevchenko - 11%, in Solomensky - 10%. The smallest proportion of apartments for sale: in Obolonsky and Svyatoshinsky districts - 7%, in Desnyanskiy and Podolsky - 6% each.

The increase in supply was observed in the Podolsky district - by 0.3%. In other areas, the decrease in the number of apartments was from 1.3% in Obolonsky, to 5.6% in Solomenskoye.

In the structure of the offer at full prices for the object, apartments in the price category from $ 50 to $ 100 thousand - 42% prevail. Up to 50 thousand US dollars - 29%. In the price range from $ 100 to $ 150 thousand - 14%, from 150 to 250 thousand dollars - 10% and from 250 thousand US dollars - 5%.

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