After 10 years the earth will buy a private building and cottage villages Economy Class

21.04.2009 00:00
"Within 10 years most of the lands will be acquired for private construction and cottage complexes economy class" - says a leading specialist of marketing department of the company SV Development Sergei Kostecki.

"Interest in land acquisition for construction of real estate will be minimal, 80% of vacant space will be used for agriculture" - he believes - "the remaining 20% of the land will be used primarily for private building and construction of cottage settlements of a class, Capital writes property.
In turn, Irina Ivanova, Deputy Director of Economics and urban land use, does not share this view: "The market always tends to the most efficient use of resources, and in Ukraine therefore a sufficient amount of land involved for agriculture."
"The land will be used for income-generating projects, that is a real estate" - says Igor Ivanov. As she predicted, "the land market will" come alive "in 2010, when possible, and price increases." Enhancing market Irina Ivanova connects "with the general economic trends that will occur in the country."
As previously reported, the company SV Development predicts decrease in land value at 14-20% in the Kiev area before the end of June this year and by 45-50% throughout Ukraine until 2010.
According to the company to date the least demand for land for investment projects, and demand individual sites within 40 km from Kiev, an area of 20 hectare.
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