Affordable housing in new Kiev region

31.08.2010 13:55
Real Estate Market Analysis | Affordable housing in new Kiev region On the avenue Bazhana or Kharkiv highway is hard to miss the big posters with the proposal of apartments for $ 15 thousand booklets with a similar advertising housing with. Lyubartsev from time to time distribute in different metro stations. We decided to get acquainted with this proposal and at the same time to study and some others of the most affordable options for new housing, offered in the immediate vicinity of Kiev.

VILLAGE Lyubartsev

From $ 15 thousand

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How to get. In the sales department to assure us that just to this house from the subway station "Kharkiv" goes straight taxi. In fact, from "Kharkiv" by shuttle bus, which departs every 5 minutes, you can reach the city of Boryspil. And from there the other shuttle - to the village Lyubartsev. Here it is indeed practically stop near my house. All roads, including a transplant can take about an hour and do a 12 grn. Incidentally, the last taxi from Borispol to Lyubartsev leaves at 20.40, therefore, subject to possible delays in the path of the "Kharkov" should leave no later than 20.00. But to get in his car is easy - just 35 km from Kiev - mostly on fairly comfortable Kharkiv highway and only last a couple of miles - the usual Ukrainian road moderate, "killed."
ENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE. The village is located far enough from the busy highway, that there was really clean air. From the window of one of the apartments we looked stork's nest. Infrastructure - the usual village, grocery store - within walking distance.
Technology and communications. The building is masonry. The photograph clearly that a third floor window in shape and size differ from the windows of the second and first floors. In the sales office, this fact does not explain. Neighbors argue that the original building was two stories, with almost 1960 buildings. The third floor and attic finish the new owners already. In this case, it is unclear whether there had work to strengthen the foundation on which now accounts for a double, compared with the original, load. At least something where you can see the cracks in the foam, which insulated the house from the outside. Whether it is a problem of quality of works on warming, and used in this material, or as they say evil neighbor languages, a sign that the foundation of a little "floated". The house wound up water and electricity. Gas does not (although the houses in the neighborhood there is one), as heaters in the apartments are equipped with electric convectors.
SCHEDULING. As explained in the sales department, once it has been a guest house specialists. Almost all apartments consist of one room and small bathrooms with toilets. Something like a hallway or entrance vestibule - no, the front door opens directly into the room. In the bathroom along the wall just to its entire length, right next to each other are "recumbent" acrylic bathtub and toilet. Hangs over the bathroom electric heater. Width of the same intimate space just enough for it to enter and be able to use some of the benefits of plumbing. During the bath in the room has a small natural alcove in which there are electric and wash basin. Get something like a kitchen corner. A few apartments have separate kitchen, from which comes the entrance to the bathroom. But at the time of our inspection of the house of these flats for sale only one left.
SIZES AND PRICES. Sales do have an apartment for $ 15 thousand, although the total area of 11-13 square meters. meters of such apartments in the house, only 12 (out of 86). And at the time of our visit, none of them have not yet been sold. We used to flats with a total area of 11 square meters. m not met, and guesses as to the approximately 8-foot room addition washbasin and electric comfortably accommodate more and required a minimum of furniture (like beds, table with chairs, wardrobe) - have a good charging for the brain. Apartments are a little more naturally, more expensive. For those that area to 15 square meters. m want to have $ 16 thousand to 17 square meters. m - $ 17 thousand and so on. By the way, most of all, according to vendors, selling apartments for $ 17 thousand - 5 of 33. The largest apartments are located in the attic, have a total area of 30-31 square meters. m and cost $ 22 thousand Here they look like full-fledged studios, perhaps with rather small bathroom.
CAN I stopped by. The apartment is renovated: the floor is quite a decent kind of insulated vinyl on the walls - unpretentious whitewashed. Installed all the plumbing, electric cookers and heaters, all connected.
Pluses and minuses. Pros: record low prices, ready for occupancy, quiet, clean place. Cons: There is no direct route, electric heating, which in winter can fly into a lot of money. Well, very close dimensions of the cheapest of the apartments.


From $ 18 thousand
This feeling that Irpen is experiencing a construction boom. At least we have counted more than 10 four-story houses varying degrees of willingness, which now offers flat. Incidentally, the popularity of four-story building due to the fact that, formally, these houses are listed as two-story: the first floor of deepening into the ground to call it a basement, and a fourth kind of like and floor, as well as himself - an attic. The fact that the construction of a two-story homes do not have to pass provincial court, all issues can be resolved on the spot, which is much easier and much cheaper.
How to get. All apartments are described in one "corner", a 15-minute walk from the station. From train station dovozit "Svyatoshin" for 15 minutes and 4 grn. 25 kopecks. From the same place every 8 minutes, depart the bus, which for 5 USD. and 30 minutes (if not rush hour) will take you to the metro station "Academic". The bus route goes to the other subway stations Obolon and Minsk. Minibuses go to Kiev, and a 5-10 minute walk from their homes.
ENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Irpen and of itself is very green town with clean air, and these homes are also located in the most "green" part Irpin, which is called "Forest Zone" - in fact on the edge of a pine forest. During the 10-15 minute walk to the center, where have all the city's infrastructure. Grocery stores are closer, in 5 minutes. In addition, some homes do shop in the house.
Technology and communications. Brick houses and well-insulated: either outside foam or a layer of foam stone-like material between two layers of brick. Apartments are summarized all communications: electricity, water, gas.
SIZES AND PRICES. For $ 18 thousand you can buy a complete one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor common area of 36 square meters. m: room 16.12 square meters. m, 7.65 sq kitchen. m, with an almost four-meter combined bath and a small hallway. In fact, these apartments are worth $ 19.8 thousand, but now all the apartments of the house discount. The total price of similar apartments in the attic - $ 25 thousand and on the middle floor - $ 30,6 thousand
CAN I stopped by. This house should be finished by the end of September. $ 19 thousand in the other house, which promise to finish building a year and a half or two months, offered 20-meter apartment planning studios.


From $ 17.3 thousand
How to get. Along the street near the cottage are taxis, which can take the subway stations "Svyatoshin", "Zhytomyr", "Academic". Passage can cost 5 UAH. If there are no traffic jams to get there from the station. m. "Akademgorodok" can be about 25 minutes, plus about 10 minutes to walk home.
ENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE. The town is situated on the outskirts of Gostomel, away from busy highways, the air is clean. Own infrastructure is not up to the modest selection of grocery stores go for about 20 minutes. To the center and the market need to go a few stops on the shuttle bus. Own infrastructure promise, when the town is mainly built. But now he stands in the open field, which - up to a dozen houses varying degrees of readiness.
SCHEDULING. Here, in a newly built cottage town offered little houses in the townhouses resembling blocks of houses - so-called "block-houses." According to representatives of the developer, during construction of the house until ready for occupancy - only 3 months, while autumn and winter weather will not interfere with construction.
Technology and communications. Block-houses are built on the panel and frame technology, which ensures high strength and good thermal protection structures. On the other hand, this technology has some disadvantages, compared to more familiar to us brick houses: not here wherever she pleased, you can hang a shelf, a bit worse with natural ventilation, etc., shall be houses, with painted electricity, gas, must appear after some time. Source of water are wells that are punched, one for each block of houses. Sewerage done individually for each house. Connection to water and sanitation equipment increases the cost of a house for another $ 2000.
SIZES AND PRICES. The cheapest house, for $ 17.3 thousand, and is very small - a total area of 24 square meters. m. As the sizes grow and prices: a house in 44 "square" is already $ 28.5 thousand, and 65-meter two-story house - little more than $ 40 thousand Payment can be made in stages as construction of houses. If a customer having difficulty paying - the construction is suspended until the money.
Pluses and minuses. Pros: cheap, close to Kiev and good transport accessibility. Cons: every house to be built from scratch, even for just 3 months, lack of proper infrastructure and the remoteness of the village center, no department store, shopping center and market as well as gas, which increases the cost of operating the house, especially during the cold season.


From $ 30 thousand
Here in the pre-crisis time rapidly built cottage villages. The crisis has sharply reduced this activity. Moreover, once a popular format townhouses became malovostrebovannym. Therefore, developers began to restructure the unfinished part of the townhouses in the ordinary apartment buildings, dostraivaya them up to four floors. In one of these houses under construction you can purchase one-bedroom apartment is 37 square meters. m $ 30 thousand construction promise to finish by November.
How to get. From this house for about 15-20 minutes to walk to the railway station, where train dovozit to Svyatoshino for 4,8 UAH. And minibus, departing every 10-20 minutes - 7 USD. and 30-40 minutes. On the minibus can sit down and stop, located about 10 minutes.
ENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE. Vorzel duly considered a health resort, where in the past came to breathe healthy air from all over the Soviet Union. With regard to infrastructure, it is not very good. In the vicinity of the station is a couple of grocery stores, pharmacies, several pavillions industrial goods (auto-goods, baby clothes, etc.). Center with a supermarket and department store is too far for walking. Return shuttle must go.
Pluses and minuses. Pros: easy treatment of clean air. Cons: weak infrastructure and the need to wait a couple of months before completion. And it's still the most expensive option under consideration.


From $ 28.5 thousand
Here on the outskirts of the village end finishing and tidying up the territory in the construction of a 4-storey house. Actually, in some apartments have living family in the yard can be seen mothers walking with children. Nearby is delivered and occupied the same house, and next to the foundation already poured for the next.
How to get. From home to the train station - about 10 minutes. Thence to the station "Svyatoshin" You can get on the train for 4 USD. 80 kopecks. and about 40 minutes, or by shuttle bus, departing every 10-15 minutes - 7 USD. and about half an hour, if there is no congestion.
ENVIRONMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE. The air is clean, though the forest on foot would be too far away. Basic infrastructure is concentrated in the area of the railway station. By Kiev measures, it is quite modest: grocery and department store, home life, cafes, bars, retail space under an awning, etc.
Technology and communications. House is brick, insulated foam. Electricity, water and gas. Features of the apartments of this house is that in their standard equipment includes a water floor heating, which makes it unnecessary to install any heating devices. Feedback from people living in apartments with the same gender in another house in the past cold winter, they do not even have to include a gas boiler at full capacity.
SIZES AND PRICES. For $ 28,5 thousand you can buy a one-room apartment with total area of 30 square meters. m, with a combined bathroom, small hallway and kitchen, through which the "corner" you can get a 16-foot room. The apartment is a similar plan, but an area of 40 square meters. m, is worth $ 36 thousand
Pluses and minuses. Pros: good environment, convenient apartments, beautifully and functionally organized houses adjoining space: wall, swings, gazebos, etc. In addition, the house was virtually ready for occupancy.
Cons: A little further away from Kiev, what other options are not very comfortable passage through the narrow street and the road leading directly to the home, has not yet been asphalted. And the paperwork will have to wait two months.

Constantine Ryapolov

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