Accommodation in central London will rise in price by a third

08.11.2010 16:51
Real Estate Market Analysis | Accommodation in central London will rise in price by a third Luxury properties in central London in the next five years could significantly outstrip the rate of growth of prices in the UK housing market, has grown from 2011 to 2015 by 33%, according to the report consultancy Savills.

As analysts had expected before the end of 2011, the average home in Britain could fall in price by 7,3%, while next year the level of the fall in prices will be equal to 3%.

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In this case, it is emphasized in a study in Central London to reduce the rate of property price will be considerably less - only minus 3.5% from mid 2010 until the end of next year, and minus 1% for 2011.

According to director of Savills Research Luciana Cook, the housing market in the UK capital is influenced by factors other than the housing market in other regions of the country.

"He continues to recover, as financed by cash flows from abroad and a strong private sector economy, especially the segment relating to financial services", - the expert believes.

As a result, the forecast shows the company by the end of 2015, prices for luxury housing in central London will rise by one third, while housing prices on average in the UK - only 12%.
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