A great future in Florida

11.12.2010 00:03
Real Estate Market Analysis | A great future in Florida In coming years, Florida will regain its title of the most promising in terms of investments and businesses of the State of America. This is the conclusion, researchers from the National Association of Realtors (National Association of Realtors). The reason for the good news was the unprecedented activity of foreign businessmen, who in 2010 bought into the Sunshine State more than 90 million homes.

More than any other distinguished citizens of Canada, which was chosen by welcoming community in the southwest of the state. As a rule, Canadians buy Florida houses as holiday homes and cottages. Approximately 20% of buyers decided to move to the sunny state of their elderly parents. "Prices have fallen so much that even people with low income can afford to buy their own home in Florida - says Melvyn Green, a buyer from Montreal. - Some real estate has fallen in price over the past three years, in 3 - 4 times.

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Greene rights. Florida homes appeal to buyers is today. For example, a luxury home with two bedrooms, three bathrooms and a garage in the central part of the state is $ 100 - $ 120 thousand. Three years ago these houses were worth $ 250 - $ 350 thousand. And note that this is not about "cardboard", and on brick homes. In Florida, we recall, are quite different rules of construction.

"Our staff gets a second life - with optimism says economic analyst Eric Lest. - The most difficult times behind us. No matter where you bought the property - in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tampa or Fort Myers, she is sure to rise in price. "

Buying a property in Florida is good because it can always beneficial to pass. About one hundred thousand homeowners live solely by tourists. They met at the airport, provide accommodation, show attractions, provide transportation. "Have your own house in Florida is very profitable, because our staff - is the North American entertainment capital - says Joe Rodriguez, a former resident of Montana. - We have the amusement parks of Orlando, Miami, Gulf of Mexico, Wonder Lake. Here you can relax all year round and every day to open something new. "
It is worth to emphasize that the vast majority of Florida homes for sale, is 10 - 20 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. A swim and sunbathe in the Sunshine State can be expected all year round.

Surprisingly, in the midst of economic crisis in Florida influx of businessmen from western Europe. And if 36% of foreign buyers are citizens of Canada, 29% - are residents of the UK, Belgium, Vatican, Andorra, Italy, Spain, Norway, France and Austria.

"In Europe it is impossible to buy property for such ridiculous prices - says a resident of Spain, Francesca Rizzi. - Cost of good houses near the water exceeds, as a rule, one million euros. "

Rizzi family bought in Florida a three-storey house with swimming pool, parking for two cars for $ 300,000.
"We are very pleased with your purchase - recognized Italian. - We own the whole palace, in which regular visitors of our extended family. "

Curiously, many homes and condominiums are purchased by several people. For example, 5 - 6 families residing outside of Florida, alternately use the house year-round. Some come on weekdays, while the latter - on the weekend, the third - for the holidays.

It is worth noting that many U.S. airlines have done this year, big discounts on routes to Florida. There were even rumors that aviagiganty involved in a secret government program to develop the economy of imperial state.

Sometimes tickets from New York to Miami cost is cheaper than a taxi from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
I must say that even the pessimists who think Florida hopeless state, are crying when it comes to population growth. Currently, the U.S. population is steadily increasing by 2 million people a year and more and more immigrants decide to go to the southeast of the country. They are opening new businesses and develop the economy, thus Sunshine State.

The most promising industry remains tourism, where to invest huge amounts of money.
It is hoped that analysts' forecasts will come true in the near future, Florida will turn into one large luxurious resort-caliber Monaco Monte Carlo. All you need for this exists.
Therefore, it is possible that it is now real estate prices in the very warm and cozy States of America are most attractive to investors and potential homeowners. Huge house near the ocean sometimes cheaper than a tiny studio in the old Brooklyn Building ...
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