2011: the best time to buy housing

04.02.2011 00:07
Real Estate Market Analysis | 2011: the best time to buy housing Experts believe that by January we can judge how to behave in the real estate prices throughout the year.

Housing prices in Moscow seems to have become more or less stable. If, before the crisis, they have grown by leaps and bounds, and with its onset fell sharply, but now up or down fluctuations do not exceed 1-1,5% and are associated usually with periodic jumps in exchange rates.

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Thus, the dollar index fell by 0,4% compared with December and amounted to 4,530 dollars per square meter. However, the basic "addition" had at the beginning of the month, but in the second half of January the price of the dollar began to rise. According to experts of the analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market (Earn), are associated with a decrease in the dollar, which, recall, was worth less than 30 rubles. With regard to the ruble prices, they are long ranged 135-140 thousand per square meter. m, then there is also a change only after changes in the exchange rate.

Thus, we conclude analysts, real estate prices in the capital, finally came to a relative stability. From now on the market should not be observed of the "price swings," which became a sign of pre-crisis and crisis period, but to draw conclusions about any more specific trends is premature.

For example, do not see a systemic change in prices in areas of the capital. Traditionally expensive streets in January as more expensive, and became cheaper, and the dynamics of prices in each region determined by the local opportunistic reasons, experts say. The largest increase showed Okhotny Ryad, China Town, Kuznetsky Most, Lubyanka, Revolution Square, Lenin Square and the Theater, but in the minus appeared Kiev, Kutuzov, Victory Park, Novokuznetsk, Glade, Tretyakov, and even such expensive areas as Tver and Pushkinskaya .

But the administrative districts the situation is more homogeneous. Almost everywhere the average price of property has declined (most - in the Western District, at 1.2% per month), and only in NEAD and CJSC became, albeit slightly, but more (by 0,2 and 0,1% respectively) .

It is noteworthy that the stability in the market felt not only experts but also consumers. And already managed to use it. According to statistics, in the past few months, the number of transactions on the secondary market has increased dramatically, that is, people were finally able to conduct multi-swap deal and the sale of the capital's housing. During the period of "price swings" such deals have been virtually impossible now for them - is the right time, analysts say.

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