10 most popular countries to buy property in 2010

23.11.2010 14:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | 10 most popular countries to buy property in 2010 According to the British magazine Homes Overseas, a dozen of the most popular countries for investors in 2010 is as follows:

1. Brazil

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Brazilian real estate market is rapidly going up the hill. Brazil's economy - one of the fastest growing in world welfare is growing, the country is attracting more investors. You do not have enough high-quality homes, which gives impetus to the construction.

In 2014, Brazil will take the FIFA World Cup, and in 2016 - the Olympic Games. This will be a prerequisite for infrastructure improvements.

The outgoing Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has pledged 11.5 billion pounds to build a million new homes in Brazil before 2011.

At the same time, investing money in Brazil is not without risk, as well as the level of crime and corruption in this country is very high.

2. France

Investment in French real estate, in contrast to the Brazilian, do not involve great risks. France has traditionally been considered a safe country for investors.

It is smaller than other European countries suffered the financial and credit system, and quickly overcame the economic downturn. Strong French economy had a positive impact on the real estate market, which is now on the road to recovery.

Increasing the number of transactions in residential real estate led to higher prices. The most popular uses real estate in Paris and the Mediterranean coast - in Cannes, Marseille and Nice.

3. U.S.

U.S. real estate market shows marked signs of recovery after a severe crisis, but this is achieved by U.S. homeowners. In many states, registered a record number of property seized for nonpayment. Unfortunately, the misery of some people was on hand to others: the confiscated property is sold at bargain prices.

4. Norway

Norway is rich in gas and oil. It supports the country's economy and its currency, which is important for investors. Another positive fact - the unemployment rate of 3%.

Almost half of the Norwegian population lives in the provinces of Oslo, Rogaland, Hordaland and Akershus. Investors should focus on these areas. Housing prices here are relatively low in relation to the Norwegian wage.

5. Switzerland

In April 2010 the UK was introduced income tax to 50% for the wealthiest residents. Not surprisingly, many of them decided to migrate to other developed economies, but with a gentler tax - such as Switzerland. Especially popular among investors small chalet in the Alps.

Each Swiss canton subject to certain rules restricting the purchase of real estate by foreigners. But now the law is changing, gradually weakening those restrictions. In addition, Switzerland historically low mortgage rates.

The most expensive real estate in Switzerland is located in the cantons of Valais and Vaud. During 2009 the prices in these areas grew by 20%.

6. Australia

Australia recovered from the recession faster than other countries. Researchers believe that the Australian economy is now at the stage that most developed countries achieved only through the year. The same applies to the Australian property market.

Demand for property in this country is very high, it exceeds the current offer, so prices continue to rise. According to estimates of Australian experts, the cost of housing in major cities by 2012 will increase by 11-19%. Particularly sharp increase is expected in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

7. Malaysia

In early 2009, Malaysia was called the best country for investment in real estate because of the "transparency" of its legislation on property rights, no taxes on capital gains and lower interest rates on loans.

However, the Malaysian economy was severely damaged during the global crisis, which also reveals the political instability in the country.

Now the situation on the real estate market is improving, increasing demand, built many new homes. Malaysia attracts investors to price stability, while in other Asian countries - China, Vietnam and Singapore - a sharp increase in property values has led to the formation of "bubbles".

8. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi - the largest and richest of the seven United Arab Emirates. In this state, a comparatively small taxes. Abu Dhabi has the largest reserves of fossil fuels in the UAE, the fourth largest in the world on natural gas supplies, has the world's highest per capita income, are recorded almost every company in the Arab Fortune 500.

Trying to reduce the dependence of its economy from oil, Abu Dhabi government to invest in development of other sectors, including tourism. Billions of pounds are spent on infrastructure improvements.

The cost of real estate in Abu Dhabi is growing due to high demand. But it is possible for a small price to buy a house that needs repair.

9. Oman

Oman - the most popular tourist destination for residents of the Gulf. The Government of Oman attaches great importance to the real estate sector. To attract investors, changes were made in legislation to allow foreigners to buy property in popular areas.

In the long term, experts expect the local market a significant growth.

10. South Africa

Last year, a fall in demand for real estate, inflation and high interest rates led to lower prices. The decline has stopped because of World Cup 2010, held in this country. It was the first World Cup held on the African continent. He brought about 1.5 billion pounds to the GDP of South Africa.

Now there is a general economic recovery, including the real estate market. Particularly rapidly rising home prices.
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