10 cottage communities with maximum willingness

09.06.2010 17:16
Real Estate Market Analysis | 10 cottage communities with maximum willingness
In another ranking Building includes cottage villages near Kiev with the highest degree of readiness. To compile the rankings were involved in the leading players in the market town real estate - developers and consulting companies, real estate agents and developers. Each of the respondents called the cottage villages near Kiev, with the highest degree of readiness, which is determined by the ratio of the number of already built homes to that claimed by the total number of households in the village. The rating had been selected 10 towns with the largest number of cottages erected on the total amount claimed by developers.

Full text of the interview read in the latest issue of Building (May 2010)

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The rating could include only items that ongoing construction work to date. In addition, cottage villages not reytingovalis on individual queues.

For each village, meet the requirements of the rating was calculated by the coefficient of preparedness by the following formula: (P x 100%) / O, where P - number of houses built, and D - Statement by the total number of households. The first took place in the ranking cottage village "Sunbeam" with 99%-term readiness. In the "sunbeam" All 38 houses are ready for commissioning at the moment in the village are working on technical equipment, landscaping, and built a fitness center; commissioning is scheduled for August-September 2010. Realization of houses are carried out by the Inter-Continental. Second place went to a cottage complex "Zoloche", which is located in Boryspil direction. His commitment is 92%. In third place was a cottage village "Severynivka" Zhytomyr direction with 83%-term readiness. Commissioning of both the above cottage towns scheduled for IV quarter of 2010. In many towns included in the rating has been completed and commissioned Phase I of construction, began construction of the remaining releases.

Total respondents was identified 26 cottage settlements, but one-third of the mentioned facilities were already in operation and, accordingly, could not participate in the rating. Included in the list located in townships Obukhov, Odessa, Vyshgorod, Boryspil, Zhytomyr directions. Date of putting into operation of these towns are scheduled for the 2010-2011 year.

10 cottage communities with maximum willingness

* Completion date I queue

All the data published in the journal, provided by companies whose projects are involved in the rating.

Rating is the estimated sources and editorial opinion and can not be used as official information.

All prices shown on the April 2010 Housing estates considered in the Kiev region.

Full text of the interview read in the latest issue of Building (May 2010)

The poll was attended Company: Dragon Capital, Knight Frank LLC Ukraine, Mark Braus, Profit Group, Real Druzi, Ukrainian Development Partners, «Architecture and Technology"
"Basis-Center", "DIO groups", "Inkons", "Congress RIF", "MBC-Kiev".
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