Yalta - the leader in the number and cost of new buildings in the Crimea

19.04.2014 01:00
Real Estate Market Analysis |  Yalta - the leader in the number and cost of new buildings in the Crimea According to consulting company "RealEkspo", as of March 1, 2014 in Crimea Yalta City Council had 90 buildings: 47 buildings built, 35 - and 8-built designed.
By the number of buildings and surroundings Yalta took first place in the Crimea.
The largest number of new buildings in Yalta (50), Gaspra (8) , Gurzuf (7) and Alupka ( 5). In other settlements - one or two buildings.

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During 2013 , the market came four new projects .
Construction in 9 buildings stopped.
The predominant type of property are flat (51 new ) and apartments (39 buildings) .

New Yalta and the surrounding area - a 2 -19- storied houses with 1,2,3,4,5 - bedroom apartments ranging from 650 sqm 20do

The minimum value of 1 m - $ 750 .
The maximum value of 1 m - $ 5,000.

Average price of 1 square meter of March 1 for sale Yalta City Council was equal to 1908 dollars.
Yalta- leader in the cost of apartments in new Crimea .
Compared with the beginning of 2013 the cost of 1 m. m decreased by 312 dollars or 14.06% .
The reason for this - the occupation of Crimea by Russia , instability of the economic and political situation in Ukraine .
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