Rising prices in the cottage area slowed Vyshgorodskiy

16.04.2014 00:15
Real Estate Market Analysis |  Rising prices in the cottage area slowed Vyshgorodskiy According to the portal zagorodna.com suburban real estate as of March 1, 2014 in Vyshgorod district there were 28 cottage townships: 2 projected, 16 under construction, 10 built.
During the year there was two new projects.

In eight campuses construction halted.

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Minimum price of 1 sq.m -600 dollars in a townhouse in New Petrivtsi.
Maximum value of 1 sq.m -2500 dollars in CG "Riviera Villas."

Average price of 1 square meter in the cottage Vyshgorodskiy region is 964 dollars.

Compared with the beginning of 2013 the price in the area remained unchanged.

Victor Kovalenko
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