Odessa can get the master plan until the end of 2013

19.11.2012 09:06
Real Estate Market Analysis |  Odessa can get the master plan until the end of 2013 Moreover, as a significant could be the difference in the price, even within the same segment, but in different directions. Moreover, this trend affects all price categories.
Very often cottage towns with plots without a contract in different price categories are located next to each other, the difference in the value of the land plot in them sometimes huge. If we take, for example, the direction of Zhytomyr at a distance of 10 to 40 km from Kiev, we will see the change of prices for land plots in settlements of different classes. The cost of the proposal for a hundred in the super-экономе starts from $ 200 a month/sotka, economy segment is presented by sections of the us $ 600)/sotka, but business class is offered at a cost of up to $ 3,000/sotka.

So, if we compare the plots in the economy segment in the most attractive from the point of view of the consumer, Zhytomyr direction with identical plots in less popular Brovarskoy, the difference in price will be more than worthwhile.

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«The time when the earth was „goods“, the value of which was determined by the плодородностью soil, has passed, - says Andrey Кошиль, President of the Land Union of Ukraine. - Now a land plot the more attractive, the better the location, measured in prestige class town, the popularity of direction and distance from the city. Besides, if we talk specifically about the business class, an impressive contribution to the mark-up area makes brand awareness, its status».

All of these characteristics form the pricing of land plots. Only if the cost of land plots in settlements of different classes is determined by the quality of the infrastructure and the level of readiness, the differences in the value of the different directions - the result solely of the demand. The more in-demand by the direction of the consumer, the higher the price per hundred square meters. And the popularity of the consumer, as it is known, to a large extent depends on the «popularity» of one or another place.

«Today the most demanded areas in Vyshgorod, Ирпенском and Zhitomir areas, where land prices correspond to the intensity of demand. Tomorrow the situation may change, and the land in these areas has sharply become cheaper, but will rise on the other - there, where moves demand», - summed up Director of consulting company "Realekspo Victor Kovalenko

Victor Kovalenko
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