How will the real estate market the government quarter?

28.01.2014 00:45
Real Estate Market Analysis |  How will the real estate market the government quarter? There's the rich, respectable neighbors, and not low-income citizens, often celebrated its physiological needs in the elevator and producing morning fume. In the parking lot about your brand new Lexus always parking and polished to a shine Mercedes. At every intersection several Interior Ministry employees plus everything nightly patrols. Residents of the quarter - the most affluent residents of the country , because to buy an apartment on 5-10-15 thousand dollars per square meter - can afford only those who received the money is not the main job , because even on wages Minister impossible buy real estate in the center of Kiev . Or those to whom they have got the most unpredictable way , whether it is winning the lottery or casino , but in no way earned , though , is to recognize that there are such people , but they are a significant minority . For example, any state employees receiving the equivalent of about $ 250 per month , per square meter to collect about 40 months (almost like a fairy tale - 3 years , 3 months and 3 days) and at the same time to eat or drink ...

The vast majority of buying an apartment in the government quarter - it was buying a property as a primary residence . Cabins, cottages and holiday villas in Concha Zaspa Petrivtsy Kozina etc. bought in the second turn and , as a rule, either for summer accommodation or as housing weekend . For someone faster , someone longer, but precisely in that period of time in which state employees have " accumulated " on the second square meter, and if it is fed and clothed , it may be more at first .

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After today's events , which have become known worldwide as Evromaydan , the number of buyers in the government quarter AS THE MAIN housing decreased by about half , many prefer to purchase their primary residence outside the city in the quiet calm of the high jungle of brick- concrete fences and perennial pines. And already in the second turn will acquire housing in the heart of the capital.

Since autumn 2014, will be active in the market of country cottages , which will give an opportunity to sell up to 25% dolgoprodavaemyh objects. Significant changes in the pricing policy will not be observed .
Oleg Prikhodko, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales ,
Stokman Ltd.

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