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How expensive the suburban real estate near Kiev
The average price per square meter in new buildings of Kiev satellite cities increased by 0.7%. At the same time, apartments in Buche, Gostomel and Boryspil were the most expensive. Here, developers increased price tags by 0.8%. These data lead analysts of the company "Alliance Novobud", conducting a study of price proposals in the 10 largest cities in the Kiev region.
What brings global real estate market in 2016 the first year?
Forewarned is forearmed. This popular expression great many areas, including, and the real estate market. Where to wait for price increases, and where and why the decline, the market some countries to pay close attention to where to invest for the long and short term? All these questions are much easier to answer when you know what the market development industry experts expect in the coming year ...
For the year the land near Kiev fell by 12.64% ($ 231) to $ 1,597 per hundred square meters
As reported in the consulting company SV Development for the period from January 18, 2016 to January 17, 2017, the value of land for cottage development in the Kiev region (14 districts) decreased, within 12.64% ($ 231) to $ 1 597 per one hundred square meters.
The cost of housing in new buildings near Kiev rose slightly
The dynamics of the cost of housing in suburban residential complexes near Kiev during January-May 2019 did not differ dramatically in different areas of the Kiev region.
The demand for residential real estate in Ukraine in 2018 increased by 13%
On January 28, a press breakfast was held for the consulting company NAI Ukraine, dedicated to the results of 2018 in the residential and hotel real estate market.
The market of cottage townships is developing poorly in Kirovograd region
As of June 13, 2019, according to the company RealEkspo and the base of the suburban real estate portal in the Kirovograd region, there are 6 cottage villages.
Analysis of prices in the secondary residential real estate market in Kiev in January
In January, the average cost of the 1-4-room apartments for sale in Kiev was noted at $ 1,232 / sq. m., relative to December the average price decreased by 0.2%.
New rules for renting housing in Ukraine will raise prices by 30%
The government is preparing a bill that will take the rental market out of the shadows. Meanwhile, experts assure: after the innovation prices will go up by 30%.
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