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Information-analytical portal of country and overseas real estate is one of the leading online resource of real estate with high traffic and target audience. This is not a new portal on the market. It is transforming the portal First, it contains relevant and understandable to the general public exclusive information about the real estate market. It is presented on the site in the form of available analytical articles, expert reviews and forecasts the market. In addition, regularly is a compilation of the most interesting news and articles of business and trade press on this topic.

Secondly, the promptly updated indices of real estate market, to monitor the current level of prices and market trends, publishes price rating areas and types of housing, and provides interactive analytical services to evaluate apartments, houses, plots, professional ratings cottage gorodkoa new buildings and suburbs, People's rating, a list of activities in real estate. All this is attracted to the portal not only to market participants, but also a considerable number of individuals who are able to find the information they need, and learn unbiased opinion of independent experts.

Portal is included in the list of resources cited by real estate. Exclusive information from regularly use resources such as the RBC-Real Estate, RBC-rating "," Interfax-property »,« Building », and even other sites. You can find links to us, hundreds of our surveys and market forecasts. This is the second reason that every person who seeks information on the countryside and foreign real estate, quickly gets into the portal

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Advertising and promotion facilities, services and real estate companies
Positioning and branding of real estate and real estate services
Advertising strategy and media planning in the real estate market
Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising facilities and services
Advertising and promotion in the Internet
Application for the provision of services for advertising and promotion of the objects

Advertising and promotion facilities, services and real estate companies
What is advertising know everything. And if you need to organize the advertising campaign of its facilities or services, print brochures or leaflets, hang banners or put billboards, spinning the rollers on the radio or put a couple of turns in the business press, the numerous advertising agencies overwhelm you with sweet special offers, discounts and attractive set of boards how to spend allocated advertising budget. However, the advertising campaign is not always solves the problem, because in addition to advertising (media buying), there are a number of more complex tasks that advertising agencies themselves are usually not bothered. These problems are more associated with analytic functions and are as follows:

Positioning and branding of real estate and real estate services
On this issue are often thought of as a last resort, when all the advertising space booked and it's time to run an ad campaign. Often the model is filling the advertising module in the form of name, address of the object (or the name of service) and phone. However, it soon becomes clear that such advertising works extremely sluggish, because such types of modules, not much different from each other in the media rife. As a result, are beginning to realize that I had to think about the evolution of the distinctive advantages of the object or service, explore the essence of advertising message (message), make it stand out from the mass advertising, in line with consumer expectations of potential customers and hit "a point". According to experts' RealEkspo "from that work should begin on advertising and promotion of any products, although the real estate market, unlike other consumer markets, this is often forgotten or simply do not think.
This step involves analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the facility or service, study and understanding of demand and consumer expectations, based on what is positioning the product and creates a corresponding "legend". In some cases, you can bet on the uniqueness or exclusivity of the property, in others - in a favorable environment, the historical background of the place or type of windows. Often it makes sense to give the object a name associated with his positioning, and further promote this name as a separate brand. For generic objects may become the key issue of price and availability. Simply put, at the outset of the project must be clearly defined so why someone should buy an apartment in this house, rather than in any other house of the same class and pay her a sum of money. Or why the client should ask at this real estate agency and to use this service in the form in which it is proposed. What is the benefit and the benefit of the product, whether property or service, how is it different from analogue and competitor that wins the people, making their choice.
Based on the understanding of these things, which formed the basis of "legends" of the product, and created a specific advertising message. They may vary depending on the type of advertising media, and develop over time in the form of multi-way stories. An important factor is the parallel support of commercial PR-activities and the work of the press-service.

Advertising strategy and media planning in the real estate market
With respect to media planning is important to understand some fundamental things. First, the different advertising media may not work well for some commercial facilities and services and bad - for others. For example, newspaper advertising may well sell the model construction sites, but very bad - the elite apartment or cottage settlements, for which work much more efficiently glossy magazines. As a result, media planning is very difficult to proceed only on the common sense and be aware of the effectiveness of advertising media, as well as their ability to move each type of property or services, based on experience in this market.
Secondly, the important role played by advertising format and frequency of its output. In some cases, the module works great, in others - a series of small, or on the contrary, text ads in the form of notes or promotional articles, and perhaps a combination of all these instruments. For the campaign, there is such a thing as a critical mass, above which begins to be felt a noticeable effect. It is obvious that one ad unit or a paper is unlikely to be noticed by many people and cause a serious response.
Last but not least the right to distribute promotional activity during the period of sales of the object. A typical term of sale of new buildings, one - two years, cottage settlements - even more. Advertising and promotion of such facilities - long-distance running. It is important to initially develop a long-term strategy to move the object and allocate adequate budget for the entire period, always leaving room for maneuver.

Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising facilities and services
In matters of advertising can never guess everything is 100%. It is therefore essential to establish a methodology for assessing the effectiveness of advertising for a systematic adjustment of the advertising policy, especially in the case of a permanent move of some services or long-term advertising of a large property. In addition, over time the effectiveness of certain advertising techniques may fall, others - to rise, moreover, are constantly emerging new advertising opportunities such as advertising on the Internet, the effectiveness of which is already beginning to exceed the impact of specialist and business press.
Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising is not easy, but there are a number of techniques that can be used. One of the ways - collecting call statistics, the other - a survey of clients. It is possible to measure the popularity of the company name or the property before and after the advertising campaign with the help of sociological methods to evaluate the degree of impact. Most accurately can assess the effectiveness of online advertising with counters and web statistics. In each case, may be effective these or other ways of measuring advertising effectiveness. Specialists consulting company RealEkspo "can assist in the implementation of such methods, or organization of the measurements.

Advertising and promotion in the Internet

Price is important and with this argument is difficult to argue. Recently, the Internet comes from 30% to 70% of property buyers and clients for the services of Realtors, despite the fact that the cost of Internet advertising is no more than 10% -20% of the structure of the advertising budgets of companies. As a result, the Internet is now the elusive leader of the parameters the value of the contact or the cost of customer acquisition, which is several times lower than that of all other advertising media.
The effectiveness of Internet advertising and promotion of facilities and services in real estate market is linked to several fundamental advantages:
Information on the Internet is available continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while most advertising, especially commercials on television, radio or billboards and banners are only a very limited period of exposure (at the time of display or sound, or when a person passes by)
The Internet is a "rubber" - you can place any reasonable amount of text and descriptions of the objects, photographs of homes, up to the animation and virtual tours of facilities, while the eternal misfortune of the rest of advertising - lack of space or timing.
Placing information on the Internet much faster than in the press or other media. You can change the price of an object or completely change the ad content at any time and do it almost every day, while on other media information is given in advance and change it once, probably will not work.
On the Internet it is possible to simultaneously use the same ad space several times. For example, in the press or in the outdoor advertising is often that all the good places have long been redeemed, and, for several months in advance. The Internet also can rotate several banners on the same advertising space, if it sold not statically, but on the basis of the number of impressions. Even buying a static banner, you can use this space to advertise once more of its facilities, which will also be displayed in rotation, in turn (the possibility is, for example, in the banner of the portal system
The effectiveness of online advertising is measured much more accurately than the effectiveness of any other advertising. With the help of independent counters, or internal server statistics with good accuracy, you can see how many times your banner, link to it, full of traffic to your site, down to view specific pages and photos, as well as statistics about where visitors come to you, how many visitors pages, etc.
Internet allows you to organize effective feedback, for example, sending requests or messages on the e-mail, as well as communication in the forums.
The general view real estate specialists, online advertising still seriously undervalued, but it is likely a temporary phenomenon. While the Internet has its own features, as well as pitfalls to be aware and remember not to throw our money down the drain. First of all, there are quite a few quality sites on the property, which update their content every day, placing one or another exclusive information and monitor its relevance, as well as meet today's standards of design and programming. This network has accumulated a lot of "garbage dumps." This site, created a long time ago, but now no upgrading, sites with obsolete design and half not working sections, the sites do not have any useful and the more exclusive information. Often these sites are filled with piled in one pile of data is automatically downloaded from other resources, or placed through mindless copying (kopipasta), it is not structured and not processed. Therefore, before embarking on online advertising should be an elementary marketing and select quality sites, content and appearance which allows us to assert the existence of such a site from the real target audience. Just ask yourself, is there a specific site useful and regularly updated information, as well as running services, so that you (and hence others) will visit this site more or less regular basis?
This theme is closely linked to another with an old problem. The Internet periodically there sites that artificially wound its ranking of attendance to get to the top of search engines and on this basis to attract unsophisticated advertisers.
However, their easy to "calculate" for a number of fairly simple criteria.
If the statistics of the site is closed, then with a probability of 90% of its attendance lime. As a rule, all of the major sites, including thematic portals for real estate websites specialized newspapers and major real estate and development companies leave their statistics public. Further, it is useful to see the distribution of attendance by day of week and time of day. It is obvious that the real traffic at night (after 24:00 and until about 7:00) drops to near zero, and on weekends about 2 times lower than on weekdays. When artificial fake counters in the output part is the same attendance as in everyday life, and at night there is no significant failure (to a site with morning stood high in the rankings, traffic must cheat just at night).
Additionally, you can draw attention to the number of pages that visitors viewed (active users). In the real audience of a substantial part of people watching, not only one, but two, three or five or even six to ten pages - with this threshold has already started the decline, although there are visitors who can watch and more pages. When linden traffic about 80% - 90% "hits" only occurs on the same page.
Resource for real estate - not a site with funny pictures or jokes. His attendance can not grow to several thousand visitors a day for a few days or months. And if there is such a picture, and a super resource for real estate just emerged from nowhere, it is useful to see the geographical distribution of its audience. Most likely, about half or more of its visitors will be from abroad, which is obviously strange for a Russian-language site. This is because all these people cheating are automatically redirected to this site, and links to it, usually disguised in the form of referrals to funny stuff, and for whom are these visitors. This is the "cheat" site with porn-traffic, but this method is often used by Internet fraudsters.
These simple criteria are used together, it is suggest that the reality of the attendance of a site. In addition, at each site with a real audience is the constant advertisers who are satisfied with the effectiveness of his advertising. It makes sense to hear comments from the experts of these companies, perhaps they will not even provide against some own statistics.

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